Chihuahua Coats, From The Perspective Of A Little Dog!

Hi there! It’s Namaste again and I have a little window of time to mash up another quick commentary here while my owner is out, this time on the warm, snuggly issue of chihuahua coats! I’ve noticed that when it comes to chihuahua clothes, there are a lot of different styles and types of outfits that you can get for us to keep us little dogs warmer: you’ve got the shirts that add a little fashion flair to your dog, you’ve got the dresses and the costumes that dress them us and make us into a certain character that can look ridiculously cute and adorable, and then you’ve also got one of our favorites: chihuahua coats, which primarily aim to keep us little doggies warmer!

As a little dog, life can be a bit rough at times: we have much, much higher metabolism that helps us cool off in the intense heat of our native home of Mexico, but when your owner lives in a cooler country and you don’t live in a hot place like Mexico all year-round, things can really get kind of cold for us, because we cool off rapidly fast with this high metabolism, and that’s already adding to the fact that we have a short coat of hair! So it’s kind of crazy. We can go in the heat and be fine, but then we come in and within a couple minutes of coming in, we’re shivering like nuts! So chihuahua clothes are definitely appreciated, and especially if you’re living in a colder climate, oh my god–they’re a MUST for us, otherwise we’ll often be shaking in misery and it is just not fun… it’s really uncomfortable. So chihuahua coats definitely keep us warmer and a lot more comfortable!

When it comes to the different styles of chihuahua clothes, you’ve got fashionable ones that are flashy and kind of hip and trendy, you’ve got the traditional parka, there’s the fleece chihuahua coat, and there’s the big poofy vest chihuahua coats–very popular right now amongst my cool chihuahua friends!

Even sometimes in the summer, when spending a lot of time indoors at the office with my owners while they’re working away and they’ve got the air conditioning blasting for themselves and the other coworkers, down on the floor (ie: where all the cold air is) it can get really cold after a little while, especially when you’re not even a foot tall! So having a chihuahua coat on is by far the more comfortable option in this scenario, and I really like it 🙂

Chihuahua coats: where to find them:

Of all the places we’ve seen so far, we really like the Chihuahua Clothes Shop for finding new coats for chihuahuas. They’ve got a great selection of these chihuahua coats that you can check out there. I would heartily recommend it. It’s great because it lets you get your fashion freak-out on with your little dog and lets you take your little dog’s cuteness and amp it up even more and it’s like putting our cuteness on steroids! We little dogs are cute, but when you wrap us up in a little coats, it’s like a brain-fry adorableness overload with how cuddly and cute and sweet we look! So if you want to make your us really cute like this, go check out these coats for chihuahuas, and I’ll be back again soon the next time my owner heads out and I get a chance! Ok bye, chihuahua coat seekers!! -Namaste the (warm) Chihuahua

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