Chihuahua Fashion for Stylish Chihuahuas!

Chihuahua fashion is all over the globe today. Whether you’re walking through downtown Los Angeles on a sunny afternoon or the streets of Tokyo in the crisp winter air, you see chihuahua dogs dressed to the K9s in their funky fashion for chihuahuas wherever you go! It’s a fashion frenzy out there for our beloved little “chiwawa” pooches, and it looks it’s going to stay this way for a long time yet. And who will complain?–with little doggies this cute, the world is made a more fun, more fashionable, more cute, adorable, friendly place!

It’s true that some chi owners opt to keep their small dogs wrapped up in warm dog clothing, designed to keep their little bundles of furry love comfortable and warm. These chihuahua clothes serve a more functional purpose, definitely. But the entire other side of the chihuahua fashion scene is comprised of all the crazy little dog costumes and outfits we get to dress our teacup and long-haired chihuahuas in! There’s the endless stream of chihuahua dresses you find at the local pet stores and in the online boutiques that dress up your female chi and make her into an even cuter chihuahua princess!

And if you pay attention to the celebrity gossip and model runway shows, you’ll even see the odd chihuahua pet fashion show on TV once in a while! These are amazing events where the models walk the runway with a little dog on-leash, sporting the latest pet fashion from the industry leaders who produce the luxury haute couture dog fashion labels, and they’re a spectacle to behold, let me tell you: sometimes the fashion chihuahuas bite the human models (and draw blood!) and other times the models simply don’t know anything about dogs and haven’t a clue about what to do with all the little dogs around them! Hilarity is often abound in these chihuahua fashion shows!

A Chihuahua Fashion Show

Western culture was the birthplace of chihuahua dog clothes, but they really have spread across the continents and now, whether you’re in the US or Britain, India or Thailand, Australia or Japan, the Netherlands or Brazil, Taiwan or even China–as my Chinese friends point out–you’re going to see chihuahuas wearing stylish dog clothing these days. It seems the world has caught a mild case of chihuahua fashion fever and you can’t escape it any more!

Chihuahua fashion: here to stay, and where you can find it

So love it or hate it, the chihuahua clothing obsession with nutty dog owners and fashion forward pet freakshow celebs who dress up with their little chihuahua dog in matching fashion is here to stay. The chihuahua fashion fever is a cute, adorable, and enjoyable bug to have, and so rather than fight it, we say indulge and enjoy it as it washes over your common sense dog judgement and you go chihuahua gaga! Hahaha, enjoy your chihuahuas and their funky fashion my friends! This insightful and crazy piece is for you! If you’re looking for some of the best chihuahua fashion on the planet, just click below to check out the Chihuahua Shop!

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