Chihuahua winter boots: my recommendations

Chihuahua winter boots are a must-have if you and your chihuahua live in a cold, snowy area over the winter months. With their thin coats and super high metabolisms, chihuahuas do not fare well in cold weather without the aid of dog clothing, and a pair of chihuahua booties is a must for any chihuahua owner living in a snowy climate.

chihuahua-wearing-chihuahua-winter-bootsIf you take a look around the online dog stores, you will find many winter boots for chihuahuas, and you will likely also find them if you check out your local dog stores. The main thing to keep in mind when buying winter boots for chihuahuas is the fit: the booties need to fit your chihuahua almost perfectly, otherwise you can very easily end up with a situation like this:

Winter Chihuahua boots: Size Matters (so does shape)

I see dogs in booties all the time that appear to be swimming in the air with them instead of walking gracefully with them, and it’s almost always because the boots the chihuahua is wearing do not fit properly. It can be a size problem or a shape problem: some small dog booties are too straight and contrict the dog’s movement, and others are too bent.

So if at all possible, have your chihuahua or small dog try out the winter boots before you buy them. Usually you can’t do this if you’re shoping for the booties online, but this is where your local pet stores come in handy: you can take your chihuahua to one of those and test out the fit of the boots in the store and develop an understanding of what size and style of boots fit your chihuahua best.

The process of finding the right winter chihuahua boots can be a lot of trial and error, so be prepared to take your time and don’t be in a rush. Chihuahuas need good protection for their feet if you’re going to walk them through the snow and on icy pathways, and if their boots do not fit well, it isn’t going to be a good time for anybody!

Where can I buy chihuahua winter boots?

I have two recommendations for where to buy chihuahua winter booties.

The first place to check out is the All Dog Boots store, online. These guys specialize in dog booties and I have heard some good things about their shop.

The second place to check out would be our Chihuahua Shop, where we sell some heavier dog shoes. I do not recommend you get these, however, if you live in a very cold climate. Our chihuahua shoes are meant more for temperate weather and for protecting against mild cold weather, not the conditions you and your little dog will face in the dead of winter.

Tips for dogs with boots

Once you finally find the right pair of booties for your chihuahua, it’s always a good idea to put the boots on your little dog for a while before you head out on your walk. Even though they may fit your dog like a glove, chihuahuas will still tend to walk a little funny in them at first and so it’s good to give your dog a little bit of time to get used to them before you embark on your public walk 😉

It’s also important to ensure your chihuahua’s paws are clean before you put the winter boots on. Just like with human shoes, it’s never fun to walk around in shoes or boots that have rocks or debris inside them.

Finally, I will say this: if you live in winter city where people use melting agents and chemicals on the sidewalks to help melt the ice and snow to keep the sidewalks maintained during the cold months, it’s a good idea to pay extra close attention to the condition of your chihuahua’s paws before and after using their winter boots. If your chihuahua gets some of that chemical on her paws–and especially if it gets between their toes, embedded in their paw–it can cause them a lot of pain. This is one of the reasons I make my chihuahuas wear winter boots a few days after the snow has melted during the winter, because I do not want any of that chemical getting on or between their paws and causing a nasty chemical burn. I’ve seen many small dogs in booties that look silly because of how they walk with them, but at least you know those dogs aren’t getting nasty chemcial burns on their paws!

I don’t mean to make your worry: I’m just saying “be mindfull of your chihuahua’s paws in the winter months.”

With that in mind, I hope this has been useful, I hope you find the perfect pair of chihuahua winter boots for your little doggy, and I hope you have a great winter filled with many joyfull walks! Happy (soon to be) winter, everyone!


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Halloween Chihuahua Costumes: Some Inspiration!

Halloween is fast approaching and I thought I’d share some Halloween chihuahua costume inspiration for the chihuahua clothes lovers out there. There are serveral great costumes for chihuahuas out there right now, but the best ones I’ve seen are the costumes hand-made to some extent by the dog owner. When you combine a good idea and some inspiration with careful attention to detail for your chihuahua, good things result. Have a look:

chihuahua clothes costume for Halloween

Dressing chihuahuas in cute costumes and clothing is always fun, but Halloween is extra special because you can really go all out in choosing a costume for your little dog. With a bit of imagination, your little dog can undergo a complete makeover and become Frankenpooch for October 31st! Imagine your little chihuahua greeting the trick-or-treaters at the door dressed up like a pirate or a cute little tank! chihuahua dressed up as a tank for Halloween The possibilities are endless.

Common chihuahua outfits for Halloween are the classic hot dog costumes, with the bun and the strip of ketchup and mustard. Those were big years ago. Lately, the witch and the devil have been popular costume choices for the chihuahua crowd. When your precious little dog shows up at the door dressed as a little minion or a devil, people just melt. Chihuahuas in Halloween costumes are difficult to ignore!

As I said, I think the best costumes are hand-made, but sometimes you need a starting point. Our own store has a line of Halloween shirts and costumes for chihuahuas:

chihuahua outfits for Halloween from

The Halloween chihuahua shirts and hoodies you’ll find there can be a good starting point, but again, if you want to dress up your little dog in something special that sets her apart from all the other little dogs out there, you’re going to have to invest a bit more energy and start getting creative with your little chi’s costume. It’s the same as it is with human Halloween costumes: buying something pre-made will get you to a certain point, but if you really want to wow your friends and create an impression with the costume your chihuahua wears at that Halloween part you’re at, you’ll probably have to think about your little dog’s personality and figure out a way of externalizing that into a costume. chihuahua wearing a classical pirate costume for little dogs

All of the major chihuahua clothes retailers online are selling Halloween costumes for little dogs right now, so it’s not that hard to find a starting point for your chihuahua costumes for October 31st. You’ll even find some decent Halloween costumes for chihuahuas at your local pet stores. You might have to look through a few different stores, but you will find them. Some chihuahua owners tell me the costumes sold in the traditional stores are more expensive, but I don’t always find that to be the case. So check it out and see for yourself. I will say that you definitely have more selection when you shop online and you’re picking out your chihuahua’s costume from the comfort of your home, however!

chihuahua witch costume for HalloweenHowever you arrive at your chihuahua costume for Halloween this year, I wish you good luck and happy hunting! There are a lot of options for these Halloween outfits out there right now and there’s still time to find that perfect one that fits your chihuahua’s unique personality and that will make you smile and want to take dozens of pictures… again and again!

Be sure to check out the major chihuahua clothes shops online, take a look through your local pet stores in the costume area, and think about what you could do to customize a costume for your chihuahua that will make this Halloween a special one for your and your little doggie! Happy Halloween everyone!

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Blown Away By Chihuahua Accessories

chihuahua-wearing-booties-and-a-hoodChihuahua accessories are everywhere in small dog stores these days, and it’s not hard to see why: they’re adorable! Recently at a friend’s house, I saw a teacup chihuahua dressed up in her chihuahua clothes–but she was also wearing a few little dogs accessories that made her look like no dog I’ve ever seen. This little dog, with her small dog sweaters and her dog costumes that her owner normally dresses her in, is cute, but I never really thought anything more about her. But seeing her all decked out in her little bling and her small dog accessories made such an impact on me… I’m still can’t stop thinking about it. She was just so cute!

Of course, a lot of chihuahua owners will pick out little raincoats for dogs and the other usual cheap dog clothes that we all love and know. These are the practical outfits we use to keep our chiwawa pups warm and dry and chihuahua-tiara-faux-diamondcozy when the weather to crap and it’s time to walk our chihuahuas. We dress them out in their cool chihuahua sweaters and their little chihuahua outfit, and we get used to seeing dogs in clothes: it becomes a regular part of our world.

But when you come across a chihuahua dressed up in these extravagant accessories for little dogs, it can really make you stop and think “…wow!” Chihuahuas wearing hats for dogs, chihuahuas wearing sparkling socks for dogs, chihuahuas wearing haute couture chihuahua costumes: these are not every day experiences for most people–even seasoned chihuahua fashion addicts!

punk-chihuahua-accessoriesMy friend’s dog was wearing one of her dog sweatshirts and had a dog collar tag and a tiny little dog tiara from dog accessories UK–or some similar brand: I can’t quite remember. But it was amazing. And the conversations it sparked at this little gathering were numerous! Teacup chihuahuas are cute alone, without dog clothes! But wearing these chihuahua accessories with her tiny dog outfit… I can’t emphasize what an impact it made. It was like walking into a Dali painting or something and seeing the manifestation of luxury in the tiny, bite-size, chihuahua form! Ohh! She was incredibly cute, even for the standards we are used to as chihuahua owners who dress our little doggies in xxs dog clothes–even for what I am used to as the owner of a chihuahua clothes shop. I was impressed.

chihuahua-panda-socksA dog wearing a dog outfit is nothing special. There’s nothing new to be seen–though they are irresistibly cute–in a chihuahua dressed in different puppy sweaters for chihuahuas each day. You will see the usual fare of chihuahua t-shirts and little dog sweaters on a little dog, and you will smile. But that dog probably will not blow you away the way this little dog with her pet accessories did me. Chihuahua accessories on a little dog seem to give it that little something extra–that X-factor–that just makes them stand out from the rest, grab your attention, and make them hard to forget. It’s why I’m going to be digging around and trying to find the best accessories for chihuahuas I can find anywhere for sale, and I will be bringing them to you soon… Stay tuned! I will be changing a lot of things on here pretty soon.


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Wholesale Chihuahua Clothes at The Chihuahua Shop Right Now

If you’re looking for clothes on sale for small dogs right now, you might want to browse over to the Chihuahua Shop. We’re selling some chihuahua dog clothes wholesale right now, and so you can get some great deals on small dog sweaters and puppy coats, and other pet supplies for a chihuahua. Our team of fashionable chiwawa clothing enthusiasts aren’t usually in the practice of selling wholesale dog clothes, but with winter coming to an end, we have a lot of great pet clothes for little dogs selling at wholesale chihuahua clothing prices that we need to sell through before May 2015.

wholesale winter chihuahua coats on sale

You’ll even find cheap dog sweaters for chihuahuas that your little dog can wear to keep warm on those cold winter walks outside. If you own one of the warmer of the two types of chihuahua: a chihuahua long coat (or long coat chihuahua as chihuahua owners usually call them), your little dog isn’t going need quite as many small dog clothes to keep warm this winter, but it’s still a good idea to dress these chihuahuas in doggie sweaters if you’ll be walking your chihuahua for a substantial amount of time outdoors, to make sure you chihuahua baby stays nice and warm.

winer chihuahua coats on sale now at the Chihuahua Shop

Of course, if you have a chihuahua puppy and she’s still very small, we have teacup chihuahua clothes to dress your chihuahua all cute and cuddly! The winter clothing sale doesn’t quite extend to our entire collection of small dog clothes, but we do have hats for dogs and other chihuahua apparel that is still quite fashionable on sale now at the Chihuahua Shop.

new pink-green cross checked chihuahua sweater on sale now at the Chihuahua ShopIt’s nice to be able to shop around for chihuahua clothes this time of year when so many sales are happening at the various online small dog clothing boutiques. As we try to push through our stock so we can fully introduce our spring and summer lines of clothing for smaller dogs, we try to incentivize you to help your little dog stay warm and cozy in the final days of winter 2015 by cutting the prices a bit on the winter dog dog clothes, and it’s exciting to be a small dog owner and shopping for little dog clothing right now. You can even find some of the latest chihuahua sweaters that were introduced just this season on sale! You can be dressing your chihuahua in fashion than no other little dog owners in your circle will have seen before and be the center of attention in your dog group! It can be a lot of fun to see the reactions you get when walking your dog in her new cute little sweater for chihuahua puppies!

If you’ve never shopped at a dog boutique before and you’re looking for your first clothes for your chihuahua, this is a great time to be browsing around the various shops online. With the discounted prices, the barrier to entry is lower and so you can splurge on that pair of dog socks for your chihuahua you’ve been eyeing, so you can walk your chihuahua outside and know she’ll be comfortable at the same time.

Of course, the comfort of our little doggies is always paramount in our minds as chihuahua owners, and that’s why we test our chihuahua garments out extensively on different chihuahuas and little dogs, to ensure we carry the range of sizes that allow you to select the small dog coat that perfectly fits your chihuahua, so she can walk around and move freely without feeling like a pinata! All of our chihuahua accessories and clothes, from our small dog harnesses to our hoodies for dogs, have been extensively tested to ensure they’re highly comfortable for chihuahuas to wear.

So whether you’re shopping for that latest dog coat pattern at the Chihuahua Shop or you’re looking through all the wholesale chihuahua dog clothes we have listed right now, you can relax knowing that your little dog will be comfortable wearing whatever small dog clothing items you pick up for her, provided you choose the correct size for her. So be sure to head on over to our Chihuahua Shop and take advantage of the winter sale we have going on now!

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What Clothes Should I Get For My Chihuahua For Cold Weather?

I’ve been travelling with my chihuahua rescue a lot lately, dressing my little dog in her dog sweaters as we move through some colder countries this winter, and I’ve been getting asked this question a lot. Chihuahua owners are seeing the dog sweater or whatever warm chihuahua clothes my little dog is wearing at the time and they stop and ask me “what clothes should I get for my chihuahua?” It seems many people in cooler areas are afraid to get a chihuahua because they don’t think a chihuahua could survive–or at least be happy–when living through a cold winter in a cooler part of the world.

I’ve been taking my toy dog, as some of the locals call her, through the UK, through France, through Norway, through Sweden, and all around Europe this winter in 2015, with her wearing her winter sweaters from the Chihuahua Shop and some other online chihuahua stores, and I can tell you from experience that chihuahuas can live happy lives in cold places–provided you dress them appropriately so that they stay warm.

chihuahua wearing a fur coat

Does my chihuahua need clothes to keep it warm?

Yes. Absolutely. If you live in a cold country, your chihuahua needs clothes to keep it warm. Heck: even if you live in a warmer place with your chihuahua, you’ll notice him shivering at night when it cools off! Chihuahuas are very small dogs whose little bodies do not have the muscle mass and other temperature regulatory systems to keep them warm in colder climates the way the bigger breeds do. This is why we dress our chihuahuas in sweaters for dogs and why, when you see clothes on sale at the online dog shops, you want to buy a few small dog sweaters to keep you chihuahua happy, healthy, and warm!

chihuahua wrapped in clothesBut if you are dressing your chihuahua in those little dog coats for winter weather when it’s cold out, your chihuahua shouldn’t have much of a problem staying warm, provided he is moving around and getting exercise. Your chihuahua puppy might have to wear a pair of dog booties to keep his paws warm if he’s walking through snow, but otherwise a few layers of properly-sized pets clothes will do the trick. You just have to make sure you pay close attention when you first dress you chihuahua in his new clothes to ensure he is able to move around properly in them and that the clothes aren’t too tight for his little body, and that he is warm enough in the clothes. Often, if you’re living in a very cold country–one where it snows for example–you’re going to have to dress your chihuahua in multiple layers of chihuahua clothes to keep him warm.

Chihuahuas evolved and originated in the Mexican state of Chihuahua after all!–a hot part of the planet where the climate never comes even remotely close too the cool we experience in the more norther parts of our planet.

Layering clothes for small dogs

For puppy chihuahuas, the puppy jackets and the little sweaters for dogs will make a good first layer. You chihuahua needs to stay warm and so you want the first layer to be form-fitting (but not too tight) so that it insulates your chihuahua’s little body.

After that, the second layer should be a bit looser so that there is space for a bit of air between to the two layers of chihuahua dog clothes. This air acts as great insulation, provided you have a third layer of small dog clothing that acts as a seal, to hold the warm air in and keep cooler air from flowing into the chihuahua clothing seal. When it comes to clothes for small dogs, good third layers are those dog outfits that are waterproof, like a rain jacket or especially those great little winter coats for chihuahuas. If you can find those at a dog shop that is holding a chihuahua clothing sale, I recommend taking advantage of it and buying one of these winter coats because your chihuahua is going to get a lot of use out of it and will go a long way in keeping your little dog warm when it’s cold outside.

Of course, there are always the chihuahua owners who love their fashion and who just can’t be seen out in public with their little dog unless it’s wearing its little chihuahua costume, in which case you can simply slip the cool dog clothes you have over that third layer and have a fourth layer of fashion! Of course, it’s important that your chihuahua be comfortable and able to move well with this many different clothes on, so it’s important to have the pieces be the right size so they can be layered properly. But if you pay attention when buying your puppy chihuahua clothes and your small dog dresses, you should be able to tell if the outfit will fit over and underneath another one of your chihuahua outfits.

Having a large chihuahua wardrobe will make the task of bundling up your chihuahua for winter weather a lot easier, and so if you’re using everything from chihuahua pajamas to chihuahua bath robes to chihuahua t-shirts to chihuahua sweaters and coats, you’re most likely going to have the wide array of clothes available for dressing your dog warm the proper way where he can be warm with his different layers on and still be comfortable.

So if you’re living in a colder country and you’re wondering “should I get a chihuahua?” because you are afraid the little dog won’t be able to cope with the cold, I suggest you reconsider. You can find chihuahua items for sale everywhere these days: in the local pet shops and online in many different chihuahua shops. There’s no shortage of clothes for little dogs, right now. So it’s really not an issue of possibility. The real issue at hand is whether you’re willing to invest a bit of time in finding the right clothes for your chihuahua so that he stays warm and happy in your travels.

chihuahua wearing a winter coat

Of course, I’d recommend you check out the Chihuahua Shop (link at the top right of this page) to find these clothes for your small dog, but really: you can find these clothes everywhere today, so don’t limit yourself in your search for the perfect chihuahua clothes that will fit your dog’s body as well as is personality.

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