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Chihuahua Clothes – A Fashion Obsession!

When people think of chihuahua clothes and shirts and coats for smaller dogs, they’re commonly perceived strongly in the light of fashion over function. How often have we seen Paris Hilton in the media with her teacup chihuahua Tinkerbell dressed up in a fantastically funky chihuahua clothes outfits? Many tend to associate Paris Hilton and a lot of the negative aspects of celebrities with the act of dressing your dog in chihuahua clothes, but the reality is there are some very practical reasons for bundling up your pooch in shirts, sweaters, and even little chihuahua costumes, besides making her into a mini K9 fashionista, and they have to do with keeping her warm and comfortable.

And of course, there’s the much more common reason people dress up their chihuahuas in cute little chihuahua clothes: to make their little chihuahua dogs look insanely adorable! Yes, some of us tend to focus on the functional aspects when dressing up our chiwawa doggies in their cute chihuahua sweaters and chihuahua coats and their other funky clothes for chihuahuas. But from what I’ve seen in the dog owners I’ve met, dressing you chihuahua up in chihuahua clothing and the latest small dog fashion is usually much more about having fun and enjoying watching your little dog run around in articles of chihuahua clothes than it is for making her comforable and making her day, if I’m honest!

With that said, whether you have a teacup chihuahua, or you’ve got a long haired chihuahua, or maybe you’re a proud owner of a chihuahua rescue dog; clothing your little dog in chihuahua clothes is often a good idea because these little dogs tend to cool off easily and can spend most of their time shivering and shaking if they’re not wearing these little chihuahua clothes designed for chihuahua doggies to keep them warm. A lot of smaller dogs like chihuahuas come from hot climates and so they shake like this and get cold when we bring them into our cool homes in colder environments and we run the A/C and the fans and we don’t dress our dogs up in chihuahua fashion to not only make them irresistibly adorable, but to make them more comfortable.

Having shared my home with many chihuahuas (with each chihuahua clothed in little sweaters and chihuahua outfits and t-shirts–and yes, even adorable small chihuahua’s clothing costumes too) over the past few years, even in their native country, Mexico, I’ve found that little dogs with short hair–like many chihuahuas–get cold quite often when they spend time indoors and they’re not moving around and being active, and even the long haired chihuahua does this, too. When we bring them into our more relaxed, indoor lives, even in warmer climates, these little dogs get cold and really prefer (once they’re used to it) wearing their chihuahua clothes and having an extra layer of “fur” or two on their back, to help keep them warm.  And if you live with your chihuahua dogs in a cold climate, then you know what I’m talking about, and you probably have an entire wardrobe full of chihuahua clothes for them!

browse the chihuahua clothing store

I’ll say that there definitely is a controversy among dog owners surrounding the topic of dressing your dog up in shirts and cute little chihuahua clothes costumes. Many people think it’s insane and ridiculous and that it’s borderline abusive to dress your toy chihuahua up and that you’re damaging their self esteem, and on and on…. And Cesar Millan would have us see us our chihuahuas as dogs first, before chihuahua clothes-clad”cutie pie chi chi”–the personality of the dog–second, and I totally agree with him. But who are we kidding?! Let’s be honest here: we brought these little munchkins into our lives so we could dress them up in chihuahua clothes costumes and make them adorable …while taking care of them, hahaha!

There are a lot of fashionable clothes for smaller breeds of dogs out there. Take a stroll through your local pet store and you’re bound to find an isle with chihuahua clothes and attire for other small breeds that you can dress your dog up with. And if you search around online, you’ll find vast quantities more of clothes for dogs just waiting to find their way onto the back of your cute little chihuahua and charm everyone you pass by on your walk–I can hear the “oooOOOHHhh, how cute!” voices already!–dressing your chihuahua up can be a lot of fun and it’s a very easy way to star conversations and meet people!  And by shopping around online and in pet stores in your neighborhood, you’ll find everything from cheap dog clothes to more expensive specialty costumes and chihuahua clothes for that special little teacup chihuahua in your life!

The function aspect of chihuahua apparel has to do with keeping your small dog warm. Chihuahuas originate from Mexico, a very warm country, and so they have adapted to live in warmer climates with short, thin hair and a higher metabolism. When we bring them into cooler climates and we don’t clothe them in chihuahua clothes, they tend to find it rather cold and spend a lot of the time shaking, I’m sure you’ve noticed. Even if you live in a warmer climate, they’ll often shake a night when indoors because they aren’t sleeping with a pack of other dogs and are, instead, on the kitchen floor or on a bed without anything covering them. They still find it cold, so the standard wardrobe of chihuahua clothes for most owners of these smaller dogs includes a sweater to keep them warm, and often two to wear over top of one another to keep that little dog comfortable and toasty warm at night when asleep.

If you live in colder climates where it gets chilly in the winter, you can even buy heavier chihuahua clothes coats for your chihuahua that have fur and fleece material to further insulate your chihuahua from the elements and keep him/her comfortable when walking outdoors. Also, you can buy raincoats if you live in rainier place to keep the material from absorbing water, to keep poochy warm.

No matter what you purpose in buying chihuahua clothes, be it to clothe your chihuahua in a little hoody or sweater to keep him warm, or to dress him up in a cute little costume and get your K-9 fashion freakshow on, have fun with it! You can keep your little puppy warm and comfortable and make him look adorable! That’s part of the fun!

Chihuahua Clothes: Why Dog Owners Dress Their Chihuahuas In Them

Many of the dog owners I talk to who dress up their chihuahua dogs in chihuahua clothes do so because it makes their little dogs look cute and adorable. Some of owners buy the chihuahua jumpers and hoodies to help keep their chiwawa pups warm at night or when out on a walk when the weather isn’t cooperating; but I speak to many more people who shop around at the online chihuahua boutiques and the Chihuahua Shop in order to find chihuahua clothes and small dog costumes, and other cute, superficially appealing clothing for their little dogs than I do to those who are looking for the more practical type of chihuahua clothes.

Of course, some chihuahua owners not only buy chihuahua clothes and outfits, but also designer chihuahua accessories for their little dogs, like customized chihuahua puppy collars and chihuahua jewelry. These small dog items take the whole notion of dressing up your little dog to the next level, allowing chihuahua owners to dress their puppies in a look that is completely tailored to the chihuahua’s personality and that adds to the chihuahua clothes the owner has already picked out for their little dog to wear.

Chihuahua fashion is growing in popularity with owners, along with the rise in the popularity of chihuahuas and other small doggies you can dress up. Walking into dog clothing stores today, you’ll see racks and isles full of designer chihuahua clothes, just waiting to dress up your little chihuahua doggie in hip, trendy outfits that only a famous fashion icon of a chihuahua could pull off! There are even luxury chihuahua clothes labels like Susan Lanci Designs that make $3000 chihuahua dresses studded with crystals, and then there are the fashion brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton who make chihuahua doggie clothes for a hefty price, as well.

So some fashion forward dog owners who have chihuahuas really take on that whole fashionista/fashion icon approach with their small dog’s chihuahua clothes and have a fashion field day with them and pretend that the world is their audience and that every sidewalk is a chihuahua clothes fashion show runway for their little to strut her stuff on down the catwalk and show off everything she’s got, in her protective paw chihuahua booties and her little fashionable chihuahua socks that dress her up and make her the superstar chihuahua clothes dog in the spotlight. I know more than a few owners who have dozens of chihuahua clothes outfits like this for their small breed dogs and take this approach with them.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are pet owners who use small dog clothing on their chihuahuas for more practical purpose. These are chihuahua lovers who, yes, they may put a chihuahua clothes costume on the outside of their dog’s sweater, and may buy the custom chihuahua collars and the fancy chihuahua accessories for their pooch as a nice touch to finish off their little dog’s look, but those things are simply icing on the cake for them because their main focus when using chihuahua clothes to dress up their dogs is to keep their dogs more warm and comfortable than they would otherwise be.

chihuahua wearing her chihuahua sweater

Little dogs like chihuahuas almost always have a naturally higher metabolism that releases their body heat much faster and lets them cool off in hot climates (where they come from and where they evolved) than bigger dogs. And so when living in cooler places than Mexico, for instance, owners often dress up their chihuahuas in these little, dainty chihuahua clothes to help keep them warm. The chihuahua shirts you see their little dogs wearing are their to help trap a bit of the little dog’s body heat in, to better insulate him and keep him more comfortable. These are the owners whose chihuahua wardrobes are stocked with chihuahua sweaters and fleeces and all the different types of chihuahua coats and heavier chihuahua clothes you can imagine. And if they live in place that gets a lot of rain in the summer months, you’ll also usually see their little chiuauas wearing chihuahua raincoats to help them stay bone dry and warm as a result, so they can enjoy walking in the rain.

So there definitely is a segment of dog lovers who use chihuahua clothes for this more functional and practical purpose. They may be outnumbered by the more fashion minded small dog owners who use the clothing to dress their chihuahua rescue up and make him look as adorable and irresistible as possible, and make that little dog into a true rags to riches chihuahua rescue story, but they do exist and some people use chihuahua attire for this more practical reason.

Regardless of whether you shop for chihuahua hats for dogs or you’re more a chihuahua T-shirt and sweater kind of owner who likes to keep her dog comfy and cute, one of the best places to find these clothes for chihuahua dogs is at the chihuahua clothes shop I started I few months back and that has been growing like crazy and taking off ever since. The Chihuahua Shop we have here stocks only the best, most high quality chihuahua clothes available today, and I think you’ll really like it. So check it out and see for yourself.

visit the chihuahua clothes shop

What Kinds of Chihuahua Clothes Are There?

I’m in a lucky position as a chihuahua owner and as someone who writes and works in the fun world of chihuahua clothes because I get to talk with so many little dog-loving people about their chihuahua pets and the clothes they have their little chihuahua puppies wear. One of the most frequent questions I’m asked by people is something along the lines of “what kinds of chihuahua clothes are there today?” These are people who have seen little dogs walking down the street or on TV wearing funky like chihuahua K-9 fashion, and are interested in buying some new chihuahua clothes for their own little pooches.

chihuahua sporting a chihuahua Santa costume

And when I tell them what I think about the current state of the industry of chihuahua clothes and I let them in on the current story of what kinds of chihuahua apparel exists out there today, my answer takes about 10 minutes to explain!–there are so many different types of chihuahua clothes and chihuahua costumes and outfits out there for smaller dogs today that everyone from teacup chihuahua owners to long haired chihuahua pups have such variety at their paws today that it’s a little crazy.

For the practical chiwawa owner, there are the practical chihuahua clothes like the chihuahua sweater, and the chihuahua coat. These keep these little dogs warm by allowing their furry little dog bodies to hold their body heat better. For for the more common type of chihuahua owner–the chihuahua fashion addict–we have chihuahua clothes like the chihuahua dress and the funky chihuahua T-shirt pairing that comes with the shirt for your chihuahua dog and a bigger one with the same design for you, the owner. And this is just scratching the surface: there are so many other chihuahua dog clothes and accessories in the chihuahua shops and stores currently that it’s almost impossible to list and describe them all here.

a customized pink chihuahua collarToday, if you’re really into the habit of dressing your chihuahua in chihuahua clothes that you buy for her or him, you can also really deck your chi out in the latest chihuahua accessories and have a ton of fun accessorizing your puppy. With the chihuahua collars you can customize with your dog’s name on it in crystal Diamante lettering and the different materials and styles you can find these small dog collars in, it’s actually impressive how much customization you have at your fingertips today when you’re looking to “pimp” your little chihuahua dog you rescued from the shelter with little chihuahua clothes and these chihuahua accessories!

There are also accessories like chihuahua socks and accompanying booties for chihuahuas that you can put on your apple head chihuahua’s feet, to help keep them warm, comfortable, and better protected from annoying pebbles on the street when she’s on her walk her with her fashionable chihuahua clothes-built-in chihuahua harness, which will of course be attached to the stylish chihuahua lead you use to walk her through the dog park when she’s wearing her stylish chihuahua clothes and down the trails in your local city so your little deer head chihuahua can enjoy the scents and sounds of nature, even when she lives in the chaos of a busy urban environment.

Of course, the benefit of living in these crazy urban centres is that they’re very toy dog-centric and they are chalk full of cool chihuahua clothes that are sold in the best chihuahua stores in big cities like Beverly Hills, L.A., New York, and Chicago, just to name a few American chihuahua outfit hot spots. In these places, you’ll find formal chihuahua fashion like bridal dresses and groom tuxes for you chiuaua dogs that you can use to unofficially marry your little dogs or bring them with you to a human wedding. Both the chihuahua wedding dress and the chihuahua clothes tuxedo a popular little dog costume selling like crazy right now our shop, and it’s kind of funny seeing your chihuahua, who normally lounges around the house and the pool and walks the streets and through the malls with you in her cozy chihuahua clothes, all decked out and dressed to the nines and ready to wed in a chihuahua bridal dress!

chihuahua dog lounging on a ledge, dressed in her chihuahua hoodie

As for those cozy, casual chihuahua clothes, the pyjamas for chihuahua dogs and the comfy chihuahua bathrobe outfit make a good fashion team for the little dog who’s had a long day. What better way than to end a long, hard day of walking through the neighborhood and the doggie park and running around the track with her owner than to slip on a pair of comfortable chihuahua clothes, made specifically for her breed, and curling up on your lap?

chihuahua puppy snoozing on floor, wearing her bunny costume chihuahua outfit

And for those living in hot, humid parts of our spinning dirt ball where it rains a lot, little dogs appreciate wearing chihuahua rain coats to keep dry and stay out of the wet, miserable weather. On a cold day, you can use a chihuahua jumper on your little chihuahua rescue dog, to help her stay warm when you go out for a walk and to let her do her “business.” And the chihuahua hoodies and chihuahua sweatshirts are other popular chihuahua clothes small dog owners use when a heavy dose of lounging around and catching up on some much needed chihuahua rest is on the agenda for the day, for their little pet chihuahuas. These little chihuahua dog clothes let her rest and relax in the comfort and in style, and they provide your chihuahua with a little extra comfort when she’s catching up on her shuteye. These chihuahua clothes keep her a bit more warm and more comfy while she rests.

Now, if it’s winter time right now and you’re reading this, or you live in the Arctic or something crazy and you own a chihuahua doggie, then chihuahua clothes coats will definitely be on the small dog fashion menu, I’m willing to bet! Winter chihuahua coats come in a very wide variety of styles, and you can find everything form the chihuahua parka to the the chihuahua ski jacket, as well as different vests and chihuahua fleeces and other heavy chihuahua clothes, all to help your chi stay toasty warm and trap in her body heat when it’s freezing cold outside and you need to keep your little doggy warm and safe from the harsh elements of the cold and hostile environment you live in. These chiwawa clothes are a life saver for your little pet chihuahua and if you live in a sub zero climate, they’re a must.

deer head chihuahua wearing a chihuahua jean jacketAs for the other types of chihuahua clothes, they are many. If you take a gander through your local mall and there’s a pet store, or better yet: a chihuahua shop, you’ll notice that the chihuahua clothes designers are making chihuahua polo outfits and chihuahua skirts now. It’s not as though your chihuahua can make in this big world with her naturally cute looks and her adorable little doggie sweater–no: she needs to wear chihuahua clothes like her chihuahua jeans and chihuahua shorts to really dress up and take on that whole small chihuahua fashionista vibe that dog owners seem to be going for right now–even when taking their little puppy into the vet for a quick checkup or a vaccination! No joke, at the vet’s office, I’ve seen little dogs sporting chihuahua pants and chihuahua hats and chihuahua caps, all purchased from the cheap chihuahua clothes store online, apparently so the little dog would be “presentable” and appropriate for a trip to the veterinarian. It’s a little insane. Then again, when you’re talking about people who are constantly thinking of new ways to combine both vintage and new chihuahua fashion clothing trends to come up with something unique for their little dog to wear, it’s kinda par for the course.

The Chihuahua Clothes Store carries all of these, and at non-insane prices to boot. The chihuahua jewelry like the chihuahua collar charms and the chihuahua necklaces that pair perfectly with the nice chihuahua clothes you find in that online dog clothing shop are perfect if you have a chihuahua fashion fever and you need to outdo Lady Gaga with you little dog’s fashionable appearance. And so if you’re looking around to find some of the very best clothes for you chihuahua that I have ever seen, head over to the Chihuahua Clothes Shop and see what I mean when I say that.

How Do I Find Chihuahua Clothes?

A lot of dog owners who me and know that I run the Chihuahua Shop that sells all the chihuahua clothes often ask me where they can find the very best value chihuahua clothes. My answer is almost always for them to start by browsing the Chihuahua Shop because it everyone involved with it is committed to bringing in and selling only the best chihuahua costume outfits and chihuahua sweaters and chihuahua dresses and all the other small doggie clothing and accessories that you can imagine for a chihuahua dog.

browse the Chihuahua Clothes ShopSometimes, the Shop even brings in specialty chihuahua clothes like cute little designer chihuahua tank top fashion outfits and limited edition chihuahua T-shirts that are only released by the original artist once and then they sell out and they’re gone. And other times, like right now as of writing this, we have the special edition Wizard of Oz chihuahua collars that actually feature in the musical play on stage in the UK on the dog that plays Toto!

But apart from my store, I’ll tell people to head over to G.W. Little because their focus is the same as ours: delivering very high quality small dog clothes to their customers with excellent customer service, but they carry completely different lines of chihuahua accessory products and chihuahua clothes.

After that, especially if you’re looking for a particular chihuahua collar or special chihuahua sock pairs or boots or chihuahua clothes of any kind for your little dog that are rare and unusual, or even something as common as chihuahua dog harnesses–but ones that have a certain design or pattern on it that you’re looking for–you’re going to have to use a good old search engine to find it, if you’re shopping online; or you’re going to have to do things the old fashioned way and physically drive from
pet store to pet store in your local area and search for that specialty chihuahua leash you’re so keen on giving to your precious little chihuahua doggy for her birthday as a gift, along with those awesome luxury chihuahua clothes you’re planning on pampering your chihuahua pooch with.

But your best bet in finding chihuahua fashions in vogue are to seek them out online, on the internet, because the amount of variety and selection in the chihuahua clothes you can find online today far surpasses what you can find in the local dog boutiques where you live, I can 99.9% guarantee you. Even carries a decent selection of chihuahua clothes today. Now, I’m not going to bash them: Amazon is a great company and I love their service, but the clothes I’ve seen on their site–the chihuahua wedding dresses and the chihuahua tuxedos, and all those other funky chihuahua outfits I’ve perused over the past few years on their site–all seem a tad bland to my eyes. They do have some good discounts once in a while on their cheap chihuahua clothes, but I have never bought from them, and it’s rare that I talk to anyone who’s really into chihuahua fashion who has almost anything in the way of chihuahua dog pajamas or cool chihuahua bathrobes from them. I’m not saying you can’t find good chihuahua clothes for little dogs from Amazon, I’m just saying I think you can find better, higher quality ones, elsewhere.

a pink chihuahua raincoatWhen people come to me and ask me “Mikey, I see your chiwawa dogs wearing their cute chihuahua clothes raincoat fashion all the time here when it’s raining out and you’re walking your dogs; where do you get those?” I go back to referring them to the Chihuahua Shop, simply because our summer chihuahua clothes including the raincoats for little dogs–all of them–are on sale right now and it’s hard to beat them for price when you’re talking about chihuahua raincoats as cool as these ones: they’re pretty awesome looking on your small dogs, and they do a great job of keeping my chihuahuas dry when it starts to pour cats and chihuahuas (that aren’t wearing their chihuahua clothes!)

As for the other types of practical clothing for pet chihuahuas, you can find very high quality and customizable chihuahua clothes dog jumpers at the Shop as well, along with cool chihuahua clothes like chihuahua hoodies and stretchy chihuahua sweatshirt outfits that will keep your little puppies warm when the weather isn’t cooperating and you need to take your dogs outside on their walks along the cool city pavement or out in the cool breeze of the wilderness wherever you live, if you’re living more of the rural life right now.

There are some other good shops online that sell chic chihuahua clothes, but I’ve found that to find the really hip, trendy, cool fashion for chihuahuas, you usually have to pay through the nose to get your paws on a decent chihuahua coat from a designer or a winter coat for chihuahua doggies that comes from a luxury label of dog clothing. I’ve seen designer chihuahua parkas and chihuahua fleece coats sell for over $1000 US at some of the high end chihuahua shops, and you can spend a lot more than that if you have money to blow and you have a chihuahua apparel itch that you just have to scratch with your credit card. Personally, these dog clothes are too much for my wallet to handle, but again, if you’ve got the cash and you want to make your credit card bleed crimson, you can head over the chihuahua clothes section of G.W. Little because, if I’m not mistaken, they carry some very, very nice luxury brands of chihuahua clothes and I would definitely check them out first if that is what you’re looking for, to completely spoil your chihuahua and drown her in small dog clothing that’s fit for K-9 royalty.

So in short, if you’re looking for very high quality chihuahua clothes, the first place to stop is the Chihuahua Clothes Shop. We even stock weird outfits like chihuahua pull-overs, chihuahua skirt outfits, and even little chihuahua jean pants with pockets and zippers and the whole deal! The store also carries other chihuahua clothing oddities such as fashionable chihuahua shorts, chihuahua pants, an entire line of chihuahua hat costumes, and even a collection of chihuahua cap costumes. It’s a little crazy, the selection of tiny chihuahua clothes that the Chihuahua Shop carries. So whether you’re looking for wacky chihuahua costumes or you’re just looking for the coolest and most comfortable chihuahua clothes for your little pet chihuahua dog, head over the Chihuahua Shop here and you’ll probably find what you’re looking for right there. Chihuahua clothes are fun, and shopping for the at them at that store is seriously fun!

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Couture Dog Clothes: Standing Out From The Ordinary

Couture dog clothes are the bees knees for dog owners who love fashion and who love dressing up their little dogs in clothes! Dog couture is upscale, stylish, and fun; and as a small dog owner, you can dress your doggy in the latest pet couture to make her really stand out among the pack of boring dog fashionistas and slay the sheepish heard with style!

small doggy wearing couture dog clothing

Any chihuahua owner who enjoys chihuahua clothes and the whole pet couture world knows the joy of dressing up your chihuahua in the latest couture dog clothes from the dog clothing boutique. There’s just something about watching your little dog trot around in that cute dog fashion that sparks a special something in the heart and endears your dog to everyone around!

There are a few major labels in the pet couture world: Oscar Newman, Susan Lanci, Gucci, and One Lucky Dog Couture. These are some of the major labels when it comes to fancy dog clothes, that dog fashionistas tend to gravitate toward. There are many other brands of upscale couture for dogs out there, but those are just a few examples.

chihuahua wearing fancy dog coutureSo why do so many of us typically go with couture dog clothing for our chihuahuas, instead of the ordinary chihuahua dog clothes? Well, there are as many reasons as there are dog owners who dress their pups in pet couture, but it usually comes down to the fact that we usually don’t like to be ordinary, do we? When you have a choice between wearing regular fashion that looks fine or clothing that grabs your attention with how good it looks, with the attention to detail that the designer had when making the piece, with its unique style and design… it’s not exactly a difficult decision!

With the heaps of pet clothing selling out there today, a lot of it starts to look generic and boring after a while. After you’ve seen a lot of dog clothing, it starts to feel like a lot of people are dressing their pets in the same outfits over and over again. And the idea of dressing up your pet in the same dog outfits that everyone else uses on their pets isn’t very inspiring.

And so it’s typically much more fun and interesting to get your paws on couture doggie clothes for you chihuahua and to dress her up in those, instead. When you have outfits for your little dogs that actually excite you when you look at them, that make you want to dress your little furball up in them, and that make you stare at them in amazement, the whole dog fashion fare is a lot more fun and enjoyable!

dog couture clothes on a chihuahua

So exactly where do you find dog couture clothes? You can find them in the online dog clothing shops. Check out a place like G.W. Little or The Chihuahua Shop and you’ll find heaps of these designer dog outfits. Sometimes, you will see this kind of pet clothing in the local pet stores, but you’ll find a lot more variety and selection of boutique dog clothes in the online dog fashion stores. So by searching around online, you’re much more likely to find quality couture dog clothes for your chihuahua! Head over to the Chihuahua Shop and check them out!

visit the Chihuahua Store!

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Dog Jeans: Adorable, Cute, Funny Little Pants For Your Dog

Recently while surfing around on some dog site, I came across a dog owner who posted a photo of her dog dressed up in little dog jeans. At first, I almost couldn’t breath, I was laughing so hard at how adorable, cute, and also at how funny this little dog looked to me. I had never in my life seen a dog dressed in denim pants before!

frenchie wearing dog jeans

Well after looking into it further, it turns out there’s an entire subculture of dog owners who love to dress up their dogs in tiny jeans for pets. There are little cute jeans for chihuahua dogs and yorkies, frenchies, and the other toy breed dogs. There are even dog jeans for bigger breeds like labs and boxers, like you see if you just punch in “dog jeans” into google images and look at the pictures that pop up!…

classic dog jeans on a labrador

I’m finding out that sometimes the jeans people have their dogs wear are small size human jeans that have been adapted for the dog, and other times the jeans have been specifically made for dogs from their inception. It’s been quite an interesting little journey–this exploration of jeans for dogs! I’m even finding there are designer dog jeans that come with sequins, little jewels, and other ornate goodies that line the denim and give the dog jeans a more polished look. Check it out:

black dog jeans

From the look of things, these dog jeans definitely seem tailored more to the chihuahua and toy breed dog crowd of owners. In other words, it’s the dog-fashion-minded people who are getting these jeans for their dogs, more than any other type of dog owner.

poofy dog wearing jeans for dogs

Dog Jeans: Where Do I Find Them?

If you’re looking for a cute pair of jeans for your dog, the two best stores I’ve found so far that sell them have to be Esty and HDC. You can pick up a pair at one of those stores, and then you can have a ton of fun dressing up your little dog in the latest denim fashion from the crazy-cute world of dog jeans! Alright, I’ll talk to you again soon! -Mikey

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New Chihuahua Supplies For Pampering Your Little Pooch

Lets face it: as chihuahua owners, we love to pamper our little dogs with the latest chihuahua supplies and accessories. There’s something about these adorable little dogs that is simply endearing. And when you have that special relationship with your little chihuahua dog, a lot of us pet owners enjoy spoiling our best friend with some new chihuahua clothes to make her feel special. We buy those new dog blankets to make our little furball feel loved and treasured. We look at those new hats for dogs and pick one out to give our chihuahua pup a new look and lavish her with that fashionable affection. Owning a chihuahua is a lifestyle for a lot of us, and the benefits definitely go both ways: we get the little dog of our dreams, and our chihuahuas get to live the life of a pampered pooch!

chihuahua blanketsBut enough of what you already know: let me tell you about some of the new supplies for chihuahuas we’ve been bringing into the Chihuahua Shop that are pretty cool! To start with, we have three new dog blankets that have just arrived that are the perfect size for chihuahuas. These chihuahua blankets are perfect for helping your little dog snuggle up and stay warm and more comfortable when it’s nap time for her. You can check see these dog blankets right there.

natural perfume for chihuahuasNext, we’ve decided to bring in a line of natural perfume for chihuahua dogs. This was actually a difficult decision to make because you get such a split reaction with people when you talk about dog perfumes: on the one hand, you have chihuahua owners who love dressing up their dogs in chihuahua clothes and who really embrace the idea of a naturally scented perfume for their dogs that not only smells great but also soothes your dog’s skin and calms her mind with the chamomile oil contained in it; and on the other hand, you have pet owners who scoff at the mere idea of putting “dog” and “perfume” in the same sentence, together! In the end, we’ve decided to bring in six of the very best dog perfume mixtures that we’ve been able to find and that have turned some of the biggest perfume for dogs skeptics out there into raving fans of these scented supplies for chihuahuas! So definitely have a look at these perfumes for little dogs!

As for the rest of our online pet accessories for chihuahuas, we’ve updated our selection of collars for small dogs, bringing in some new models that you can customize. We’ve also updated our selection of those adorable little pet socks you can put on your chihuahuas so they have better traction on slippery surfaces in your house and so their paws stay protected, warm, and clean when walking around outside. We’ve also refreshed our chihuahua hair pins, so you can make your princess all prim and proper with a quality hair style, and we’ve brought in a host of other great online pet accessories to spoil your chihuahua rotten with!

I’ve been working hard to bring in some new pet carriers for small dogs because a lot of Chihuahua Shop customers have been loving our chihuahua carriers and I would love to bring in a few more dog carrier bags for you to choose from. I’ll keep working away on that for now, so make sure you check back soon to see the new supply of chihuahua supplies at the store.

When it comes to supplying chihuahua owners with the latest chihuahua clothes and supplies for their little dogs, it’s always my pleasure. I live and breathe chihuahua supplies, and it’s such a joy to be able to share this world of little dog clothes with you. So head over to the Chihuahua Shop, check out the new chihuahua supplies, and I’ll speak with you again very soon! -Mikey

Click to see our new chihuahua supplies

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Stylish New $45 Coats for Chihuahuas Now In The Chihuahua Shop!

So good news!–we’ve been working extra hard over the past few weeks to bring new coats for chihuahuas to the Chihuahua Shop, and it’s been exciting to see the rabid response they’ve been getting from the chihuahua clothes lovers out there! Not only are these chihuahua coats great for keeping your little dog warm over these uncomfortably cold winter months, they definitely pack a bit more style and flair than the coats for small dogs I see selling elsewhere right now!

Here are four more coats for chihuahua dogs we’ve recently added to the Chihuahua Shop:

You can find the rest of the coats for chihuahuas right there, at that link. I highly recommend you check out the new selection of all of these little coats for your dog because there are some seriously exciting designs for little pet in the Chihuahua Shop at the moment!

The pink fur trimmed tartan coat (on the left, above) in particular has been getting a lot of attention, lately. Perhaps it’s the funky pink pattern, or maybe it’s the soft while faux fur that runs around the luxurious quilted satin lining. Whatever it is, chihuahua fashion lovers are pouncing on this chihuahua coat.

And that one on the right–the camouflage parka with the fur hood–has been getting a lot of attention, too! It’s water resistant and comes with a dual tone camo design with a faux fur trimmed hood and gold satin lining. If you’re into the whole camo thing with your fashion and you want to keep your dog warm and dry over the cooler months, this is the chihuahua coat for your puppy.

The two coats for chihuahuas in the middle have also been receiving a lot of attention in the Chihuahua Shop, as owners are loving the fashionable jet black and snow white bodywarmer coat for their chihuahuas, with its stylish contrast; and the reflective, high visibility striped brown bodywarmer with the fur hood is also proving to be a popular choice with the chihuahua crowd who enjoy walking their little dogs when it’s dark outside and hard to see smaller dogs walking along.

You’ll find all four of these coats for chihuahuas at the Chihuahua Shop, along with a lot of other quality, stylish chihuahua coats, so be sure to check them out, and I’ll speak to you again super soon! -Mikey

visit the Chihuahua Store!

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Chihuahua Jackets: New Arrivals At The Chihuahua Shop!

So chihuahua clothes lovers, I have some exciting news! The Chihuahua Shop has got a new shipment of chihuahua jackets in stock of some new designs, and there are some super cool new little coats for your small dog in there!

The new jackets for chihuahuas are swanky, to say the least! The four I’ve linked to below for you are just a taste of what you’ll find over at the Chihuahua Shop, now:

Some of these new chihuahua coats are thicker and are for cold weather in the winter months. Some of the other jackets for chihuahuas are a bit lighter and have fleece lining and are for cool weather. And the shop also brought in some new fleece-lined chihuahua raincoats that keep your pets warm and dry when the weather is crap outside but you still want to walk your little doggies!

Chihuahua jackets, for the uninitiated, are primarily for keeping your small dog warm. Especially if you’re the proud owner of a short-haired little dog, like Namaste below, you surely are aware of just how easily your little pup can cool off, get cold, and start shivering in an instant. So the jackets for these little dogs serve the very practical purpose of keeping your pet warm when the weather is not very friendly outside!

Chihuahua wearing a chihuahua jacket

The other side of these little jackets for small dogs is that some of them are very stylish and you can have a lot of fun with the chihuahua fashion at work in some of these chihuahua jackets!

If you’re a bit of a chihuahua fashionista, you’ll love these new chihuahua jacket designs at the Chihuahua Shop because a lot of them have definitely been picked with the dog fashion lovers in mind!

You can find all of these new chihuahua jackets right there, at the Chihuahua Shop, along with a lot of new other clothes and accessories for chihuahuas and small dogs that we’ve been bringing in lately. I hope you love them–I think you will!–and be sure to check them out right now! Talk to you again soon. -Mikey

browse the chihuahua clothing store

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Susan Lanci Designs: Super High Quality Fashion For Small Dogs

Well it’s been an exciting week, as it always is whenever renowned small dog clothes designer Susan Lanci releases a new fashion piece for chihuahuas and other small breeds of dogs! This time, she’s really outdone herself with the exotic leopard dog muff jacket (pictured left).

As with all of her dog fashion designs, it uses genuine Ultrasuede from Japan, Swarovski crystals from the Austrian crystal giant, and looks super stylish and classy, as is always the case with this true leader in the small dog clothing world.

A bit about Susan Lanci:

For those who don’t know and may be wondering exactly who this Suan Lanci character is, she’s a woman with a small army of adorable yorkies who wanted to dress her little snuggle bugs up in cute clothes, but just couldn’t find anything that looked good or fit properly on her yorkies. So she set out to design clothes for her dogs, herself.

And boy, what a job she did! Today, Susan Lanci’s dog clothes and accessories are widely regarded as the some of the highest quality in the industry. And what makes Susan Lanci’s designs stand out from the rest is her commitment to that quality: she doesn’t compromise on anything in the design or manufacture of her dog clothing pieces. The materials are purely top of the line, and the build quality and stitching are super strong, reinforced, done to the highest standards, and hand-made.

Leopard Chihuahua Dress by Susan Lanci

Susan Lanci dog fashion designs are known to be ultra luxurious, but ultra practical at the same time. The luxury part comes from her classy designs and from using only the highest quality materials (only Swarovski crystals and genuine Ultrasuede from Japan–which is super soft for the dog, breathable, machine washable–are used). The practical bit comes from the super high upholstery grade of her pet clothing designs and from the qualities of the Ultrasuede material she uses, itself, which again are that it’s totally machine washable but still breathable for the dog, and it’s very soft, lightweight, and comfortable for the dog, and stays that way for years with proper care.

And when it comes to the designs of the clothing itself, Susan prides her designs on being classy and timeless. Her small dog fashion pieces are designed with an eye for quality style, not with as much emphasis on fashion trends that are hot today but that will be dated tomorrow. Her commitment to timeless, classic style is boldly apparent in her designs when you look at them, and it’s part of why so many chihuahua fashionistas keep coming back time after time to pick up Susan’s designs for their little pups!

You can find all of the Susan Lanci designs there, at that link, and I hope for your sake that you check them out because they really are quite spectacular. She makes dog harnesses, dog collars and leashes, hair bows for dogs, dog blankets, pet carries, doggy dresses, small dog coats, jackets for dogs, dog shirts, and a few other items you’ll just have to see for yourself! Head over and check them out, and I’ll speak to you again soon! -Mikey Davis

click to view Susan Lanci Designs

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Dog Socks: Protection, Cleanliness, and Better Traction For Your Pet’s Paws

Dog socks help protect your dog’s feet from extreme weather: if it’s winter time and it’s cold outside, the socks protect your pet’s paw pads from the extreme cold of ice and frozen pavement so his feet don’t freeze. In the summer, the socks insulate against the blistering heat of scorching pavement and sand, and other extremely hot surfaces that can burn his delicate paws.

Dog Socks For Sale:

Socks for dogs also help keep debris out from between your dog’s paw pads. Little splinters of sticks, pebbles, glass, and other harsh bits and pieces of things on the ground that your puppy can walk on when outside can all get lodged in between the pads of his feet and cut, injure, and infect his feet. This doesn’t happen that often with most dogs, but it does happen enough that it’s a problem for some who live in certain environments where a lot of this debris is lying around. These injuries are painful for your dog to endure, and with the socks, it’s possible to avoid these injuries altogether.

white dog wearing dog socksAlso important to note is that in the winter time, in cold climates, many city home owners use chemicals on their sidewalks to help the snow melt more easily, and these little bits of chemical on the sidewalk often work their way into your dog’s paw pads when you walk your dog and cause nasty chemical burns, which is not exactly a good time for your dog.

There are a host of circumstances where dog socks make life easier for man’s best friend when they spend time outside. But there are also many situations indoors where these doggy socks make a big difference, too.

If you have a lot of slippery tile or hardwood in your home, and your dog likes to run around a lot, he probably slips and slides when running around corners and doesn’t exactly have the best traction. Also, if you have these surfaces and your dog has nails that scratch them, that can often be a pain for you and your wallet. The pet socks help with all of these problems, as they provide your dog with rubber traction on the bottom of their feet, and since your pet’s nails are on the inside of the sock, your floor surfaces remain unscathed.

chihuahua in dog socks

On top of this, if you’ve ever found it a pain to clean your dogs’ feet when it’s wet or slushy and muddy outdoors and you take your dogs for a lot of walks, these dog socks are also super helpful because you can just spray the socks with a waterproofing solution, let them dry, and then walk your dogs with the socks through the wet conditions and their paws will stay dry and clean. When you get back to the house, you just slip the socks off your pets’ paws, they’re good to go without any cleanup, and you just toss the doggy socks in the washing machine. It’s a lot easier this way than having to clean their paws before they come back in the house and track around all that wet, muddy mess.

Finally, if you have older doggies that have worn-out paw pads, these socks can be a huge help for them. Most dog socks have rubbery traction on the bottom, and so they give these dogs the ability to walk on slippery surfaces again with confidence.

labrador retriever wearing dog socks

A lot of people–myself included–when first hearing about dog socks, laugh or scoff at the notion or think it’s ridiculous. But, once you see for yourself just how much something as simple as these little socks can help your dog out in certain situations, you stop laughing and you start making use of them when the situation calls for them.

For your dog, the best part about dog socks is that they’re typically much more comfortable than dog booties, as they’re made of cotton and other soft materials that conform to the shape of your pet’s paw. They also simply use elastic pressure to hold onto your pup’s paws, unlike shoes and booties for dogs that employ the use of straps, buckles, and laces, and so they typically stay on a lot better than those other finicky dog paw-wear.

My two favorite places in the world for buying dog socks are the Chihuahua Shop and G.W. Little, which I’ve pulled my favorite pairs of socks from and linked to in the little catalogue I put together for you, above. Another great thing you’ll notice about dog socks is that they’re pretty cheap, so you don’t have to break the bank in order to keep your dog’s paws protected from the elements, keep them comfortable, and to give your dog that convenient traction that he can use–and do so with style! There are some seriously stylish pairs of socks for dogs out there today, as you can see above, so have fun shopping for them, and I’ll talk to you again very soon! -Mikey

visit the Chihuahua Shop, today :)

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Puppy Clothes: Finding The Best Outfits For Young, Little Dogs

There’s something about puppies, isn’t there?–that just begs you to dress them up in cute little puppy clothes! A few years ago, I would have laughed at the notion. But now I’m a puppy fashion convert: I dress all of my little doggies up in the latest puppy couture and my foster puppies in their little puppy dresses and coats for dogs, and the whole bit. It’s a bit of a puppy clothing circus in my house these days, but there’s nothing like having fashionable puppies running around by your feet that you know are more comfortable and warm during these winter months! And even when it’s warmer out, young dogs are always cuter when they’re sporing a little pet haute couture, aren’t they?!

I’ve been shopping around, looking for the best puppy clothes that I can find for my little dogs for a while now, and some of my favorite places to find them include, the Posh Puppy Boutique,, the Yuppy Puppy Boutique, G.W. Little, and our very own Chihuahua Shop. All of these places have some great clothes for puppy dogs, and they all have quality service, in my experience.

Namaste the chihuahua, wearing her super cute puppy sweater in Mexico!

The most popular clothes for puppies definitely fall into into one of two categories: the fashion category; or the practical, warm one. The flashy, glamour puppy clothes like the dresses for pups and the fashion t-shirts that you can customize and personalize in stores like Chihuahua Shop have always been a hit with puppy lovers. As you’ve probably noticed, small dog owners seem to really love pampering their pooches by dressing them up and making them super adorable for all their friends to see!

Puppy clothing on the Chihuahua Clothes Shop's mascot

And the other type of puppy clothing–the puppy coats and jackets and sweaters for these younger dogs–are also big with new dog owners. Puppies tend to get cold more easily than older dogs that are bigger and that have more developed immune systems and thicker coats of fur, and so puppy owners tend to dress up their puppies in these warm clothes to keep them warm and more comfortable, as a kind of weather protection for them.

Dog owners do sometimes also fall for those ultra adorable puppy costumes for smaller pet dogs, but those are mostly seasonal and confined to the holidays: you don’t see a lot of puppies walking around outside with costumes on, unless you have really fun friends who like to play around with their pup’s fashion and get a laugh out of people with some unusual and creative clothing for their puppies!

In my opinion, the best puppy clothes are found in the online dog clothing boutiques. The above mentioned dog clothing stores are great places to start. Of course, you can always check out your local pet stores and see what puppy outfits they carry. The advantage with that is that you’ll usually be able to bring your pup in with you to actually try the clothes out on, right there in the store! But you might find the selection rather limited compared to the variety of clothes for puppies you’ll find on the internet once you start searching. So have a look around, find those perfect puppy clothes for your young little doggy, and, of course, have fun with this cool dog fashion!

browse the chihuahua clothing store

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To All Chihuahua Clothes Lovers: Happy 2012!

I just want to update the chihuahua clothes blog here in the new year of 2012 and wish you all a very happy new year! 2011 was a crazy busy and fun year for all of us over here at the Chihuahua Shop, and I’m super excited to be starting another year with YOU. Thank you for reading this blog and for following the latest news from the unusual world of chihuahua fashion!

Namaste the chihuahua clothes model wishing you a very happy 2012

Namaste the Chihuahua Shop model, wishing you a very happy 2012!

My two chihuahuas are looking rather spiffy in their winter chihuahua coats. Namaste, my model chihuahua, is not exactly fond of the snow, but she’s getting used to it again. Slowly.

Chihuahua clothes model Namaste in the snow

Exciting News: I’m completely renovating the main page of this little blog so that when you first visit, you’re going to see a concise catalogue summary of my very favorite chihuahua clothing from all of my favorite online dog clothing boutiques. I’ve been searching around for months, collecting my top picks and the very best of the best clothes for these little dogs, and I think you’re going to love what I have in store for you. I’m working hard to make things easier for those of you looking for the coolest, most stylish and fashionable chihuahua clothes, and I think you’re going to LOVE the new home page of our site, here, once I’ve got it up and running in just another day or so. So be sure to stay tuned!

In other news: I’ve added the Facebook commenting system to the site, so feel free to add your two cents to any posts on the site as your real self. I think the Facebook system ads a personal touch that is much more meaningful than the standard, anonymous commenting system, so I really encourage you to use it over the standard blog commenting thing (which I’ve still left up for you to use if you want), if you have a Facebook account.

This year, I’m going to be adding a lot more content and putting more emphasis on video and audio reviews of new small dog clothing and outfits for chihuahua dogs, so things will be getting a bit more interesting on here. I know that I like to write a lot and that some of these posts can get a little long-winded, so I’m going to be making the switch to video and audio more often to make things a bit more entertaining for you! Hopefully it will break up the monotony of the solely text-based posts I’ve been putting out on this site for the past year :)

A young Namaste the chihuahua model, wishing you a happy new year!

Anyway, enough jibber jabber. My chihuahuas are getting restless over here, wanting their walk, and it’s time for me to dress them up in their January 2012 winter chihuahua clothes and take them on their morning walk! Again, I hope you have a great January, a great new year, and make sure you check back very soon for some exciting updates to the site. If love to dress your chihuahuas in cute clothes, then you’re going to want to see what I have in store for you! Happy new year! -Mikey

visit the Chihuahua Store!

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