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Chihuahua Dogs: An Adorable Icon Of Affection Via Fashion

Chihuahua dogs are famous around the world for their adorably small and cute cuddly appearance.  They’ve been forever burned into our minds and immortalized through movies like Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and they hold a special place in many dog owner’s hearts as the prototypical “little dog” breed. Compared to other breeds of dogs, chihuahuas are […]

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Clothes For Dogs: Using A Dog Backpack To Keep Fido Warm

This is a little outside the realm of what I normally write about on here, but I want to discuss dog backpacks in this article. When someone talks to me about clothes for dogs, I’m usually thinking shirts, sweaters, and coats for dogs, not backpacks; but go with me here and I’ll tell you why […]

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Chihuahua Clothes: Practical, Fashionable, And For Every Occasion!

Chihuahua dogs are small, petite little K-9s that are more likely to shiver and shake in colder climates than their bigger breed canine counterparts if they’re not wearing chihuahua clothes.  As a result, it’s very sensible to buy your little snuggle bug a few clothes for chihuahuas. Little dogs are chosen by a lot of […]

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Chihuahua Clothes: For Fashion and Warmth

Chihuahua clothes are tiny costumes and coats for dogs you put on your little chihuahua to either keep him warm or to dress him up and make him look all snazzy and charming. These clothes are often thought of as unnecessary by many dog owners, but when you have a smaller breed dog like a […]

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