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Susan Lanci Designs: Super High Quality Fashion For Small Dogs

view Susan Lanci’s Newest Dog Dress Well it’s been an exciting week, as it always is whenever renowned small dog clothes designer Susan Lanci releases a new fashion piece for chihuahuas and other small breeds of dogs! This time, she’s really outdone herself with the exotic leopard dog muff jacket (pictured left). As with all […]

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Dog Apparel for Small Dogs

view Dog Apparel for Small Dogs at the Chihuahua Shop Dog apparel for small dogs is a real hobby for some today, including your truly. These chihuahua clothes and small chihuahua dog apparel outfits can make your little dog look completely over-the-top adorable, and it’s so much fun building a fashionable wardrobe of stylish small […]

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Chihuahua Fashion Dogs In The Heat

If you pay attention to the fashion dogs you see all over the place in the dog fashion magazines and the fashion TV shows for dogs, you’ll probably notice as I have that the number of chihuahua and small breed dog owners who want their little chihuahuas to look like devilishly cute fashion divas in […]

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Dog Outfits for Small Dogs

There’s something about dog outfits for small dogs… they’re freaking cute! If you’ve ever tried dressing your dog up in chihuahua clothes, one thing you’ll notice is that people can not help but keep their eyes and hands off your little dog, even if you tell them not to; it’s very hard for them to […]

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