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Wholesale Chihuahua Clothes at The Chihuahua Shop Right Now

new pink-green cross checked chihuahua sweater on sale now at the Chihuahua Shop

If you’re looking for clothes on sale for small dogs right now, you might want to browse over to the Chihuahua Shop. We’re selling some chihuahua dog clothes wholesale right now, and so you can get some great deals on small dog sweaters and puppy coats, and other pet supplies for a chihuahua. Our team […]

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Stylish New $45 Coats for Chihuahuas Now In The Chihuahua Shop!

So good news!–we’ve been working extra hard over the past few weeks to bring new coats for chihuahuas to the Chihuahua Shop, and it’s been exciting to see the rabid response they’ve been getting from the chihuahua clothes lovers out there! Not only are these chihuahua coats great for keeping your little dog warm over […]

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Toy Dog Clothing for Chihuahuas

view Toy Dog Clothing at the Chihuahua Shop Ever since I first adopted my chihuahuas a few years back, I’ve had a soft spot for toy dog clothing and the chihuahua clothes I love to dress up my little doggies with. For me, small dog clothing is my favorite way of really externalizing my chihuahua’s […]

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Clothes for Small Dogs Like Chihuahuas

view Clothes for Small Dogs at the Chihuahua Shop When you live around dog lovers who probably have more clothes for small dogs than they do for themselves, you get into some interesting conversations about chihuahua clothes and other costumes and clothes for little dogs. Sometimes we simply discuss the new additions to the Chihuahua […]

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Designer Dog Coats, and A Stroll Through New York City

view Designer Dog Coats at the Chihuahua Shop I always get excited when a small dog owner strikes up a conversation with me about designer dog coats because not only do we have some killer ones at the Chihuahua Clothes Shop, I had the chance to take stroll through what some would consider the American […]

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