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Dog Accessories UK: Shopping For Chihuahua Clothes In England

view Dog Accessories at the UK-based Chihuahua Shop I’ve been noticing it’s not exactly easy to find dog accessories UK made and sold, but the Chihuahua Shop is one place where can actually find small dog accessories that ship out of England. Especially when you live in London and you don’t feel like shopping form […]

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Fashion Dog Collars for Stylish Dogs!

view Fashion Dog Collars at the Chihuahua Shop I’ve noticed that nothing gives your dog that glam look like a fashion dog collar: They’re so fabulous! It’s not like your little dog looks stylish enough in her designer chihuahua clothes from the new Chihuahua Shop–no! Wearing the fashionable chihuahua collars like those sparkly new, flashy […]

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Puppy Boutique Shop

view the Puppy Boutique Chihuahua Shop I’ve been to a lot of puppy boutique shops lately that sell puppy clothes and puppy supplies, but don’t really have a strong focus on any kind of puppy accessories in particular. There are chihuahua puppy boutique stores that sell chihuahua clothes and these other shops that bill themselves […]

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Puppy Accessories and The Land of Fashion Diva Puppies

view Puppy Accessories at the Chihuahua Shop I had a surreal experience this weekend: I got to see the Mecca of puppy accessories for chihuahuas and other little breed puppies. My chihuahua clothes fanatic friend took me for a weekend getaway, and her little chihuahua puppy tagged along in her chihuahua accessories (she wore a […]

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Puppy Collars: The Different Types, and My Favorite Places To Find Them

Hey there! If you’re looking to shop for puppy collars, I’ve collected some of my favorite places I like to shop for these below. Just click one of the links to be taken to the online dog boutique that I believe sells the best of that particular type of collar: Puppy Collars: Where To Find […]

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