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Blown Away By Chihuahua Accessories

Chihuahua accessories are everywhere in small dog stores these days, and it’s not hard to see why: they’re adorable! Recently at a friend’s house, I saw a teacup chihuahua dressed up in her chihuahua clothes–but she was also wearing a few little dogs accessories that made her look like no dog I’ve ever seen. This […]

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New Chihuahua Supplies For Pampering Your Little Pooch

view the new chihuahua supplies at the Chihuahua Shop Lets face it: as chihuahua owners, we love to pamper our little dogs with the latest chihuahua supplies and accessories. There’s something about these adorable little dogs that is simply endearing. And when you have that special relationship with your little chihuahua dog, a lot of […]

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Dog Accessories UK: Shopping For Chihuahua Clothes In England

view Dog Accessories at the UK-based Chihuahua Shop I’ve been noticing it’s not exactly easy to find dog accessories UK made and sold, but the Chihuahua Shop is one place where can actually find small dog accessories that ship out of England. Especially when you live in London and you don’t feel like shopping form […]

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Hats for Dogs

view Hats for Dogs at the Chihuahua Shop I’ve been noticing a lot of hats for dogs on chihuahuas, lately. In fact, one of my friends down here, who dresses up all her little dogs in small dog clothes, is a chihuahua hats aficionado and has more of these little dog hats than you can […]

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The Chihuahua Shop: How It Started, and Why

I want to give you a short, nutshell version of the story of why I started the Chihuahua Shop with all the small dog clothing it has today. So here it is, in all it’s full love-hate glory, and it really all begins with me moving in with a girlfriend years ago and, in doing […]

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