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Doggie Coat: The Savior of Little Dogs

view Doggie Coats at the Chihuahua Shop As the proud owner of two awesome chihuahuas, I am definitely a fan of the doggie coat. I didn’t realize this when I first came to be a chihuahua owner, but these little buggers cool off rather easily and can spend a lot of their time shaking like […]

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The Chihuahua Sweater: Chihuahua Clothing You Can’t Really Argue About

view Chihuahua Sweaters at the Chihuahua Shop The chihuahua sweater is by far one of the most functional and practical pieces of dog clothing you can get for your little chi. I’ve stocked a number of very high quality sweaters at the Chihuahua Clothes Shop, here, that are perfect for keeping little dogs warm. We […]

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Clothes For Dogs: Using A Dog Backpack To Keep Fido Warm

This is a little outside the realm of what I normally write about on here, but I want to discuss dog backpacks in this article. When someone talks to me about clothes for dogs, I’m usually thinking shirts, sweaters, and coats for dogs, not backpacks; but go with me here and I’ll tell you why […]

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