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Pug Clothes At The Shop!

view Pug Clothes at the Chihuahua Shop Pug clothes have got to be the truest sign that the universe has both a sense of humor and an adorable sense of fashion. That’s probably why we added some of the best pug clothing I’ve seen anywhere to the store, along with the fact that these clothes […]

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Dog Jumpers for Chihuahuas, and The Crazy Dog Lady

view Chihuahua Jumpers I had to laugh today because I saw some of the new dog jumpers in the UK and dog sweaters at the Chihuahua Store, and it made me think of this crazy dog lady I’ve been seeing on my walks with my two chihuahuas, lately. This woman is perhaps a little off-kilter, […]

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The Chihuahua Shop: How It Started, and Why

I want to give you a short, nutshell version of the story of why I started the Chihuahua Shop with all the small dog clothing it has today. So here it is, in all it’s full love-hate glory, and it really all begins with me moving in with a girlfriend years ago and, in doing […]

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Dog Pyjamas: Cute Outfits That Help Dogs With Short Hair Stay Warm At Night

view these pink dog pyjamas I’ll be honest: if someone had recommended I buy my dog a pair of pyjamas a couple of years ago, I would have thought they were on crack. Even today in the pet stores: “why on earth would my dog need a pair of dog pyjamas?!” many pet owners continue […]

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