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Dog Clothes For Dressing Up Your Dogs In Clothing

view Dog Clothes at our shop! Dog clothes are everywhere today, and whether you’re into chihuahua dog clothes or you’re more a cute dog clothes shopper, it’s these stylish dog clothes that dog owners are flocking to today. My neighbors, and all the pet owners of the little beach town I live in today is […]

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Dog Cloths: Keeping Little Dogs Safe From The Sun

view Dog Clothes at the Chihuahua Shop It’s always fun when new dog cloths come in to the Chihuahua Clothes Shop and I get to offer a new line of small dog clothes to chihuahua owners and people with other breeds of small dogs! This week has been a blast for me because with the […]

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Small Dog Apparel, And The Jovial, Round, Pink Grocery Woman

view Small Dog Apparel at the Chihuahua Shop Small dog apparel: it lets you dress up your dog in cute designer dog clothes, it’s fun, it helps your chihuahua stay warm on cool nights by wrapping her in a layer of chihuahua clothes, and it makes stalkers out of perfect strangers at the grocery store. […]

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Dog Jumpers for Chihuahuas, and The Crazy Dog Lady

view Chihuahua Jumpers I had to laugh today because I saw some of the new dog jumpers in the UK and dog sweaters at the Chihuahua Store, and it made me think of this crazy dog lady I’ve been seeing on my walks with my two chihuahuas, lately. This woman is perhaps a little off-kilter, […]

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