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Chihuahua Jackets: New Arrivals At The Chihuahua Shop!

So chihuahua clothes lovers, I have some exciting news! The Chihuahua Shop has got a new shipment of chihuahua jackets in stock of some new designs, and there are some super cool new little coats for your small dog in there! The new jackets for chihuahuas are swanky, to say the least! The four I’ve […]

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Dog Coats for Small Dogs: Through The Eyes of A Chihuahua

view Small Dog Coats at the Chihuahua Shop Oh hi there!–it’s Namaste the chihuahua again! Mikey has gone out to buy groceries and it’s my chance do another guest sneak-post here on the chihuahua clothes shop’s blog! I managed to dig through some of the new dog clothing inventory at the store and I managed […]

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The Chihuahua Shop: How It Started, and Why

I want to give you a short, nutshell version of the story of why I started the Chihuahua Shop with all the small dog clothing it has today. So here it is, in all it’s full love-hate glory, and it really all begins with me moving in with a girlfriend years ago and, in doing […]

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Puppy Coats for Young Dogs

view Puppy Coats Puppy coats help keep little dogs warm at night and when living in cooler places. As owners, we get these little coats for our little puppies to make them more comfortable and warm, and sometimes to give them a bit of doggie fashion flair. These little coats for dogs counteract the tendency […]

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Dog Coats and Jackets Help Keep Your Dog Warm and Comfortable

view Coats for Dogs at the Chihuahua Shop If you live in a place where a lot of people own smaller dogs, you’re surely seeing a lot of dog coats and jackets these days on those small dogs. I take my dogs for a quite a few walks throughout the week, and on cooler days, […]

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