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Chihuahua Store With The Latest Chihuahua Clothes

view the Chihuahua Store! Running a chihuahua store like the Chihuahua Shop has turned out to be a lot more fun than I ever anticipated. Yes, it takes work, but getting to see the latest clothes for chihuahuas and the other breeds of small dogs is a daily treat you just never quite get used […]

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Chiuaua Clothes for Chihuahuas

view Chiuaua Clothes I have a lot of chihuahua owners asking me about chiuaua clothes for their little dogs, and yes, I realize that’s not spelled properly, but whatever: people email me and ask me about not just chihuahua clothes, but “chiwawa clothes” and “chiuaua clothes” all the time, for their small canine companions, so […]

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Dog Coats with Harness Built In

Oh! Hello again! It’s Namaste Arigato the chihuahua! I want to talk about dog coats with harness loops built into their design today because they’re pretty cool! I’ve been super busy over the past few months being the mascot for the Chihuahua Shop, but Mikey has gone to get some drinks for our movie time […]

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Dog Sweaters for Small Dogs: A Comparison of The Different Kinds

view Dog Sweaters for Small Dogs There are a lot of different types of dog sweaters for small dogs today and I just want to discuss them briefly here. If you have a chihuahua or a yorkie or a bichon frise or a maltese, or any other breed of small dog AND you live in […]

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Dog Clothes Patterns That Are Popular

view this dog clothes pattern sweater at the Chihuahua Shop Dog clothes patterns are becoming rather popular, I notice. Not only are people sewing their own chihuahua clothes with patterns for their little dogs, they’re also buying premade dog clothing that have patterns on them. The classic Argyle pattern dog clothing is an example, along […]

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