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Dachshund Clothing: In Search Of The Best Wiener Dog Fashion!

view Dachshund Clothing at the Dog Clothing Shop I’ve been looking around at the dachshund clothing selection out there in the online pet stores and the local dog clothing boutiques, and I have to say that I’m not very impressed. Any dachshund owner who’s interested in small dog clothing knows how hard it can be […]

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Outfits for Small Dogs: Escape To A More Interesting World

As long as chihuahuas and yorkies and other little dogs are around, there will be dog owners dressing up their little pups in outfits for small dogs. You can count on it. We get our first little dog and we swoon over how adorable she is, and we’re completely enamored. Soon after, we can’t help […]

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Chihuahua Dogs: An Adorable Icon Of Affection Via Fashion

Chihuahua dogs are famous around the world for their adorably small and cute cuddly appearance. ¬†They’ve been forever burned into our minds and immortalized through movies like Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and they hold a special place in many dog owner’s hearts as the prototypical “little dog” breed. Compared to other breeds of dogs, chihuahuas are […]

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