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What Clothes Should I Get For My Chihuahua For Cold Weather?

chihuahua wrapped in clothes

I’ve been travelling with my chihuahua rescue a lot lately, dressing my little dog in her dog sweaters as we move through some colder countries this winter, and I’ve been getting asked this question a lot. Chihuahua owners are seeing the dog sweater or whatever warm chihuahua clothes my little dog is wearing at the […]

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Chihuahua Winter Clothes for Living With Chihuahuas In A Cold Place

view Winter Chihuahua Clothes at the Chihuahua Shop Chihuahuas tend to get insanely cold in the winter time, and so heavier dog clothing for your pet chihuahuas is a must. It’s not really optional: if you own chihuahuas and you live in a cold climate over the winter months, and you’re also a responsible dog […]

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