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Chihuahua Dress

view Chihuahua Dress Outfits at the Chihuahua Shop Hello again! It’s Namaste the chihuahua! Mikey has stepped out for a break from work and I’m going to pounce on this opportunity to tell about the chihuahua dress selection at the Chihuahua Clothes Shop right now! They have a sale running right now on these dressy […]

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Clothes for Small Dogs Like Chihuahuas

view Clothes for Small Dogs at the Chihuahua Shop When you live around dog lovers who probably have more clothes for small dogs than they do for themselves, you get into some interesting conversations about chihuahua clothes and other costumes and clothes for little dogs. Sometimes we simply discuss the new additions to the Chihuahua […]

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Pet Clothing For Dogs Like Chihuahuas and Other Small Breeds

view Pet Clothing for Dogs at the Chihuahua Shop I had the chance to meet with an old friend from Morocco last week who designs pet clothing for dogs! He has seven small dogs of his own back at home and he’s over here in Mexico to get some ideas for an upcoming line of […]

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Dog Cloths: Keeping Little Dogs Safe From The Sun

view Dog Clothes at the Chihuahua Shop It’s always fun when new dog cloths come in to the Chihuahua Clothes Shop and I get to offer a new line of small dog clothes to chihuahua owners and people with other breeds of small dogs! This week has been a blast for me because with the […]

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The Chihuahua Shop: How It Started, and Why

I want to give you a short, nutshell version of the story of why I started the Chihuahua Shop with all the small dog clothing it has today. So here it is, in all it’s full love-hate glory, and it really all begins with me moving in with a girlfriend years ago and, in doing […]

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