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To All Chihuahua Clothes Lovers: Happy 2012!

I just want to update the chihuahua clothes blog here in the new year of 2012 and wish you all a very happy new year! 2011 was a crazy busy and fun year for all of us over here at the Chihuahua Shop, and I’m super excited to be starting another year with YOU. Thank […]

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Chihuahua Fashion Dogs In The Heat

If you pay attention to the fashion dogs you see all over the place in the dog fashion magazines and the fashion TV shows for dogs, you’ll probably notice as I have that the number of chihuahua and small breed dog owners who want their little chihuahuas to look like devilishly cute fashion divas in […]

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Dog Fashions For Chihuahuas

view Dog Fashions at the Chihuahua Shop I’ve been a chihuahua owner and a follower of the different dog fashions for a while now. At the Chihuahua Store, we stock designer chihuahua clothes of many different types, and while I thought I knew my chihuahua fashion trends, my friend from Paris puts me to shame […]

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Chihuahua Fashion for Stylish Chihuahuas!

view Chihuahua Fashion at the Chihuahua Shop Chihuahua fashion is all over the globe today. Whether you’re walking through downtown Los Angeles on a sunny afternoon or the streets of Tokyo in the crisp winter air, you see chihuahua dogs dressed to the K9s in their funky fashion for chihuahuas wherever you go! It’s a […]

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Chihuahua Clothes For Your Fashionable Little Dog

If you want to shop for chihuahua clothes, simply click on a category below to be taken to that section of the Chihuahua Shop! Click To View:     Chihuahua Clothes – A Fashion Obsession! When people think of chihuahua clothes and shirts and coats for smaller dogs, they’re commonly perceived strongly in the light […]

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