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To All Chihuahua Clothes Lovers: Happy 2012!

I just want to update the chihuahua clothes blog here in the new year of 2012 and wish you all a very happy new year! 2011 was a crazy busy and fun year for all of us over here at the Chihuahua Shop, and I’m super excited to be starting another year with YOU. Thank […]

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Dog Clothes For Dressing Up Your Dogs In Clothing

view Dog Clothes at our shop! Dog clothes are everywhere today, and whether you’re into chihuahua dog clothes or you’re more a cute dog clothes shopper, it’s these stylish dog clothes that dog owners are flocking to today. My neighbors, and all the pet owners of the little beach town I live in today is […]

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Puppy Boutique Shop

view the Puppy Boutique Chihuahua Shop I’ve been to a lot of puppy boutique shops lately that sell puppy clothes and puppy supplies, but don’t really have a strong focus on any kind of puppy accessories in particular. There are chihuahua puppy boutique stores that sell chihuahua clothes and these other shops that bill themselves […]

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Toy Dog Clothing for Chihuahuas

view Toy Dog Clothing at the Chihuahua Shop Ever since I first adopted my chihuahuas a few years back, I’ve had a soft spot for toy dog clothing and the chihuahua clothes I love to dress up my little doggies with. For me, small dog clothing is my favorite way of really externalizing my chihuahua’s […]

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Chihuahua Dog Clothes

view Chihuahua Dog Clothes at the Chihuahua Shop As someone who loves chihuahua dog clothes, I get fairly excited over almost any opportunity to dress my chihuahua dog, Namaste, up in her chihuahua dog clothes, and so when my neighbor calls me up and asks if Namaste can come over for a chihuahua play date […]

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