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Blown Away By Chihuahua Accessories

Chihuahua accessories are everywhere in small dog stores these days, and it’s not hard to see why: they’re adorable! Recently at a friend’s house, I saw a teacup chihuahua dressed up in her chihuahua clothes–but she was also wearing a few little dogs accessories that made her look like no dog I’ve ever seen. This […]

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Dog Accessories UK: Shopping For Chihuahua Clothes In England

view Dog Accessories at the UK-based Chihuahua Shop I’ve been noticing it’s not exactly easy to find dog accessories UK made and sold, but the Chihuahua Shop is one place where can actually find small dog accessories that ship out of England. Especially when you live in London and you don’t feel like shopping form […]

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Doggie Boutique for Chihuahuas

view Chihuahua Doggie Boutique Clothes at the Chihuahua Shop When you own chihuahuas and you enjoy dressing them up in chihuahua clothes, you tend to visit a lot of doggie boutique shops. What I’ve been noticing lately is that these dog boutiques area really focusing on the banal and boring segment of dog supplies and […]

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Chihuahua Fashion Dogs In The Heat

If you pay attention to the fashion dogs you see all over the place in the dog fashion magazines and the fashion TV shows for dogs, you’ll probably notice as I have that the number of chihuahua and small breed dog owners who want their little chihuahuas to look like devilishly cute fashion divas in […]

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Shopping For Small Dog Accessories, Beverly Hills Chihuahua Style!

view Small Dog Accessories at the Chihuahua Shop Seeing some of the new luxury small dog accessories at the Chihuahua Clothes Store reminds me of of an experience I had last year as a very excited small dog owner who had the chance to shop Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive for Chihuahua clothing and accessories […]

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