Couture Dog Clothes: Standing Out From The Ordinary

Couture dog clothes are the bees knees for dog owners who love fashion and who love dressing up their little dogs in clothes! Dog couture is upscale, stylish, and fun; and as a small dog owner, you can dress your doggy in the latest pet couture to make her really stand out among the pack of boring dog fashionistas and slay the sheepish heard with style!

small doggy wearing couture dog clothing

Any chihuahua owner who enjoys chihuahua clothes and the whole pet couture world knows the joy of dressing up your chihuahua in the latest couture dog clothes from the dog clothing boutique. There’s just something about watching your little dog trot around in that cute dog fashion that sparks a special something in the heart and endears your dog to everyone around!

There are a few major labels in the pet couture world: Oscar Newman, Susan Lanci, Gucci, and One Lucky Dog Couture. These are some of the major labels when it comes to fancy dog clothes, that dog fashionistas tend to gravitate toward. There are many other brands of upscale couture for dogs out there, but those are just a few examples.

chihuahua wearing fancy dog coutureSo why do so many of us typically go with couture dog clothing for our chihuahuas, instead of the ordinary chihuahua dog clothes? Well, there are as many reasons as there are dog owners who dress their pups in pet couture, but it usually comes down to the fact that we usually don’t like to be ordinary, do we? When you have a choice between wearing regular fashion that looks fine or clothing that grabs your attention with how good it looks, with the attention to detail that the designer had when making the piece, with its unique style and design… it’s not exactly a difficult decision!

With the heaps of pet clothing selling out there today, a lot of it starts to look generic and boring after a while. After you’ve seen a lot of dog clothing, it starts to feel like a lot of people are dressing their pets in the same outfits over and over again. And the idea of dressing up your pet in the same dog outfits that everyone else uses on their pets isn’t very inspiring.

And so it’s typically much more fun and interesting to get your paws on couture doggie clothes for you chihuahua and to dress her up in those, instead. When you have outfits for your little dogs that actually excite you when you look at them, that make you want to dress your little furball up in them, and that make you stare at them in amazement, the whole dog fashion fare is a lot more fun and enjoyable!

dog couture clothes on a chihuahua

So exactly where do you find dog couture clothes? You can find them in the online dog clothing shops. Check out a place like G.W. Little or The Chihuahua Shop and you’ll find heaps of these designer dog outfits. Sometimes, you will see this kind of pet clothing in the local pet stores, but you’ll find a lot more variety and selection of boutique dog clothes in the online dog fashion stores. So by searching around online, you’re much more likely to find quality couture dog clothes for your chihuahua! Head over to the Chihuahua Shop and check them out!

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Dog Jeans: Adorable, Cute, Funny Little Pants For Your Dog

Recently while surfing around on some dog site, I came across a dog owner who posted a photo of her dog dressed up in little dog jeans. At first, I almost couldn’t breath, I was laughing so hard at how adorable, cute, and also at how funny this little dog looked to me. I had never in my life seen a dog dressed in denim pants before!

frenchie wearing dog jeans

Well after looking into it further, it turns out there’s an entire subculture of dog owners who love to dress up their dogs in tiny jeans for pets. There are little cute jeans for chihuahua dogs and yorkies, frenchies, and the other toy breed dogs. There are even dog jeans for bigger breeds like labs and boxers, like you see if you just punch in “dog jeans” into google images and look at the pictures that pop up!…

classic dog jeans on a labrador

I’m finding out that sometimes the jeans people have their dogs wear are small size human jeans that have been adapted for the dog, and other times the jeans have been specifically made for dogs from their inception. It’s been quite an interesting little journey–this exploration of jeans for dogs! I’m even finding there are designer dog jeans that come with sequins, little jewels, and other ornate goodies that line the denim and give the dog jeans a more polished look. Check it out:

black dog jeans

From the look of things, these dog jeans definitely seem tailored more to the chihuahua and toy breed dog crowd of owners. In other words, it’s the dog-fashion-minded people who are getting these jeans for their dogs, more than any other type of dog owner.

poofy dog wearing jeans for dogs

Dog Jeans: Where Do I Find Them?

If you’re looking for a cute pair of jeans for your dog, the two best stores I’ve found so far that sell them have to be Esty and HDC. You can pick up a pair at one of those stores, and then you can have a ton of fun dressing up your little dog in the latest denim fashion from the crazy-cute world of dog jeans! Alright, I’ll talk to you again soon! -Mikey

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New Chihuahua Supplies For Pampering Your Little Pooch

Lets face it: as chihuahua owners, we love to pamper our little dogs with the latest chihuahua supplies and accessories. There’s something about these adorable little dogs that is simply endearing. And when you have that special relationship with your little chihuahua dog, a lot of us pet owners enjoy spoiling our best friend with some new chihuahua clothes to make her feel special. We buy those new dog blankets to make our little furball feel loved and treasured. We look at those new hats for dogs and pick one out to give our chihuahua pup a new look and lavish her with that fashionable affection. Owning a chihuahua is a lifestyle for a lot of us, and the benefits definitely go both ways: we get the little dog of our dreams, and our chihuahuas get to live the life of a pampered pooch!

chihuahua blanketsBut enough of what you already know: let me tell you about some of the new supplies for chihuahuas we’ve been bringing into the Chihuahua Shop that are pretty cool! To start with, we have three new dog blankets that have just arrived that are the perfect size for chihuahuas. These chihuahua blankets are perfect for helping your little dog snuggle up and stay warm and more comfortable when it’s nap time for her. You can check see these dog blankets right there.

natural perfume for chihuahuasNext, we’ve decided to bring in a line of natural perfume for chihuahua dogs. This was actually a difficult decision to make because you get such a split reaction with people when you talk about dog perfumes: on the one hand, you have chihuahua owners who love dressing up their dogs in chihuahua clothes and who really embrace the idea of a naturally scented perfume for their dogs that not only smells great but also soothes your dog’s skin and calms her mind with the chamomile oil contained in it; and on the other hand, you have pet owners who scoff at the mere idea of putting “dog” and “perfume” in the same sentence, together! In the end, we’ve decided to bring in six of the very best dog perfume mixtures that we’ve been able to find and that have turned some of the biggest perfume for dogs skeptics out there into raving fans of these scented supplies for chihuahuas! So definitely have a look at these perfumes for little dogs!

As for the rest of our online pet accessories for chihuahuas, we’ve updated our selection of collars for small dogs, bringing in some new models that you can customize. We’ve also updated our selection of those adorable little pet socks you can put on your chihuahuas so they have better traction on slippery surfaces in your house and so their paws stay protected, warm, and clean when walking around outside. We’ve also refreshed our chihuahua hair pins, so you can make your princess all prim and proper with a quality hair style, and we’ve brought in a host of other great online pet accessories to spoil your chihuahua rotten with!

I’ve been working hard to bring in some new pet carriers for small dogs because a lot of Chihuahua Shop customers have been loving our chihuahua carriers and I would love to bring in a few more dog carrier bags for you to choose from. I’ll keep working away on that for now, so make sure you check back soon to see the new supply of chihuahua supplies at the store.

When it comes to supplying chihuahua owners with the latest chihuahua clothes and supplies for their little dogs, it’s always my pleasure. I live and breathe chihuahua supplies, and it’s such a joy to be able to share this world of little dog clothes with you. So head over to the Chihuahua Shop, check out the new chihuahua supplies, and I’ll speak with you again very soon! -Mikey

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Stylish New $45 Coats for Chihuahuas Now In The Chihuahua Shop!

So good news!–we’ve been working extra hard over the past few weeks to bring new coats for chihuahuas to the Chihuahua Shop, and it’s been exciting to see the rabid response they’ve been getting from the chihuahua clothes lovers out there! Not only are these chihuahua coats great for keeping your little dog warm over these uncomfortably cold winter months, they definitely pack a bit more style and flair than the coats for small dogs I see selling elsewhere right now!

Here are four more coats for chihuahua dogs we’ve recently added to the Chihuahua Shop:

You can find the rest of the coats for chihuahuas right there, at that link. I highly recommend you check out the new selection of all of these little coats for your dog because there are some seriously exciting designs for little pet in the Chihuahua Shop at the moment!

The pink fur trimmed tartan coat (on the left, above) in particular has been getting a lot of attention, lately. Perhaps it’s the funky pink pattern, or maybe it’s the soft while faux fur that runs around the luxurious quilted satin lining. Whatever it is, chihuahua fashion lovers are pouncing on this chihuahua coat.

And that one on the right–the camouflage parka with the fur hood–has been getting a lot of attention, too! It’s water resistant and comes with a dual tone camo design with a faux fur trimmed hood and gold satin lining. If you’re into the whole camo thing with your fashion and you want to keep your dog warm and dry over the cooler months, this is the chihuahua coat for your puppy.

The two coats for chihuahuas in the middle have also been receiving a lot of attention in the Chihuahua Shop, as owners are loving the fashionable jet black and snow white bodywarmer coat for their chihuahuas, with its stylish contrast; and the reflective, high visibility striped brown bodywarmer with the fur hood is also proving to be a popular choice with the chihuahua crowd who enjoy walking their little dogs when it’s dark outside and hard to see smaller dogs walking along.

You’ll find all four of these coats for chihuahuas at the Chihuahua Shop, along with a lot of other quality, stylish chihuahua coats, so be sure to check them out, and I’ll speak to you again super soon! -Mikey

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Chihuahua Jackets: New Arrivals At The Chihuahua Shop!

So chihuahua clothes lovers, I have some exciting news! The Chihuahua Shop has got a new shipment of chihuahua jackets in stock of some new designs, and there are some super cool new little coats for your small dog in there!

The new jackets for chihuahuas are swanky, to say the least! The four I’ve linked to below for you are just a taste of what you’ll find over at the Chihuahua Shop, now:

Some of these new chihuahua coats are thicker and are for cold weather in the winter months. Some of the other jackets for chihuahuas are a bit lighter and have fleece lining and are for cool weather. And the shop also brought in some new fleece-lined chihuahua raincoats that keep your pets warm and dry when the weather is crap outside but you still want to walk your little doggies!

Chihuahua jackets, for the uninitiated, are primarily for keeping your small dog warm. Especially if you’re the proud owner of a short-haired little dog, like Namaste below, you surely are aware of just how easily your little pup can cool off, get cold, and start shivering in an instant. So the jackets for these little dogs serve the very practical purpose of keeping your pet warm when the weather is not very friendly outside!

Chihuahua wearing a chihuahua jacket

The other side of these little jackets for small dogs is that some of them are very stylish and you can have a lot of fun with the chihuahua fashion at work in some of these chihuahua jackets!

If you’re a bit of a chihuahua fashionista, you’ll love these new chihuahua jacket designs at the Chihuahua Shop because a lot of them have definitely been picked with the dog fashion lovers in mind!

You can find all of these new chihuahua jackets right there, at the Chihuahua Shop, along with a lot of new other clothes and accessories for chihuahuas and small dogs that we’ve been bringing in lately. I hope you love them–I think you will!–and be sure to check them out right now! Talk to you again soon. -Mikey

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