Hats for Dogs

I’ve been noticing a lot of hats for dogs on chihuahuas, lately. In fact, one of my friends down here, who dresses up all her little dogs in small dog clothes, is a chihuahua hats aficionado and has more of these little dog hats than you can shake a dog’s tail at!

It’s a little strange, walking into her house and seeing all these chihuahuas coming to greet you in their little hats for doggies. It’s very cute, but when you see a little chihuahua prancing around in a little dog sombrero, and then you have a long haired chihuahua on the other side of you dressed up in a garden dress with gardening hat, and then there’s another chihuahua walking up to you with one of those pink caps for dogs on his little apple head, you start to feel a bit like you’re in the chihuahua clothes twilight zone! And to be honest, that’s pretty much what my friend’s house is like: one big hats for dogs, chihuahua dog clothing fantasy world. I joke that she should start charging admission for the experience of walking through her home 🙂

Why The Obsession With Hats For Dogs?

visit the chihuahua clothes shopShe explains that she’s always had a passion for hats and that when she brought her dogs in to her home that, well, it was only natural for her to find some doggy hats for them to wear. She even makes a few of the hats for chihuahua dogs that her own pups run around in, and I was blown away at how much detail she goes into when making a chihuahua puppy hat: she says it takes her upwards of 12 hours to sew and decorate one of these small hats for dogs!

I asked her to make me a few chihuahua caps and an ornate chihuahua hat for Namaste, my chihuahua, so we’ll have to see: soon I might be the next freak show walking down the street with my chihuahuas wearing chihuahua cowboy hats or something equally bizarre, haha!

Where Do I Find Little Hats for Dogs?

visit the chihuahua clothes shopAnyway, if you’re interested in these hats for dogs, just click on over to the Chihuahua Shop and browse our selection of hats for dogs. We carry them in sizes from super teacup small to jumbo big, so check out these doggie hats, and I’ll speak to you again very soon! -Mikey

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