Halloween Chihuahua Costumes: Some Inspiration!

Halloween is fast approaching and I thought I’d share some Halloween chihuahua costume inspiration for the chihuahua clothes lovers out there. There are serveral great costumes for chihuahuas out there right now, but the best ones I’ve seen are the costumes hand-made to some extent by the dog owner. When you combine a good idea and some inspiration with careful attention to detail for your chihuahua, good things result. Have a look:

chihuahua clothes costume for Halloween

Dressing chihuahuas in cute costumes and clothing is always fun, but Halloween is extra special because you can really go all out in choosing a costume for your little dog. With a bit of imagination, your little dog can undergo a complete makeover and become Frankenpooch for October 31st! Imagine your little chihuahua greeting the trick-or-treaters at the door dressed up like a pirate or a cute little tank! chihuahua dressed up as a tank for Halloween The possibilities are endless.

Common chihuahua outfits for Halloween are the classic hot dog costumes, with the bun and the strip of ketchup and mustard. Those were big years ago. Lately, the witch and the devil have been popular costume choices for the chihuahua crowd. When your precious little dog shows up at the door dressed as a little minion or a devil, people just melt. Chihuahuas in Halloween costumes are difficult to ignore!

As I said, I think the best costumes are hand-made, but sometimes you need a starting point. Our own store has a line of Halloween shirts and costumes for chihuahuas:

chihuahua outfits for Halloween from shop.ChihuahuaShop.co

The Halloween chihuahua shirts and hoodies you’ll find there can be a good starting point, but again, if you want to dress up your little dog in something special that sets her apart from all the other little dogs out there, you’re going to have to invest a bit more energy and start getting creative with your little chi’s costume. It’s the same as it is with human Halloween costumes: buying something pre-made will get you to a certain point, but if you really want to wow your friends and create an impression with the costume your chihuahua wears at that Halloween part you’re at, you’ll probably have to think about your little dog’s personality and figure out a way of externalizing that into a costume. chihuahua wearing a classical pirate costume for little dogs

All of the major chihuahua clothes retailers online are selling Halloween costumes for little dogs right now, so it’s not that hard to find a starting point for your chihuahua costumes for October 31st. You’ll even find some decent Halloween costumes for chihuahuas at your local pet stores. You might have to look through a few different stores, but you will find them. Some chihuahua owners tell me the costumes sold in the traditional stores are more expensive, but I don’t always find that to be the case. So check it out and see for yourself. I will say that you definitely have more selection when you shop online and you’re picking out your chihuahua’s costume from the comfort of your home, however!

chihuahua witch costume for HalloweenHowever you arrive at your chihuahua costume for Halloween this year, I wish you good luck and happy hunting! There are a lot of options for these Halloween outfits out there right now and there’s still time to find that perfect one that fits your chihuahua’s unique personality and that will make you smile and want to take dozens of pictures… again and again!

Be sure to check out the major chihuahua clothes shops online, take a look through your local pet stores in the costume area, and think about what you could do to customize a costume for your chihuahua that will make this Halloween a special one for your and your little doggie! Happy Halloween everyone!

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