Stylish New $45 Coats for Chihuahuas Now In The Chihuahua Shop!

So good news!–we’ve been working extra hard over the past few weeks to bring new coats for chihuahuas to the Chihuahua Shop, and it’s been exciting to see the rabid response they’ve been getting from the chihuahua clothes lovers out there! Not only are these chihuahua coats great for keeping your little dog warm over these uncomfortably cold winter months, they definitely pack a bit more style and flair than the coats for small dogs I see selling elsewhere right now!

Here are four more coats for chihuahua dogs we’ve recently added to the Chihuahua Shop:

You can find the rest of the coats for chihuahuas right there, at that link. I highly recommend you check out the new selection of all of these little coats for your dog because there are some seriously exciting designs for little pet in the Chihuahua Shop at the moment!

The pink fur trimmed tartan coat (on the left, above) in particular has been getting a lot of attention, lately. Perhaps it’s the funky pink pattern, or maybe it’s the soft while faux fur that runs around the luxurious quilted satin lining. Whatever it is, chihuahua fashion lovers are pouncing on this chihuahua coat.

And that one on the right–the camouflage parka with the fur hood–has been getting a lot of attention, too! It’s water resistant and comes with a dual tone camo design with a faux fur trimmed hood and gold satin lining. If you’re into the whole camo thing with your fashion and you want to keep your dog warm and dry over the cooler months, this is the chihuahua coat for your puppy.

The two coats for chihuahuas in the middle have also been receiving a lot of attention in the Chihuahua Shop, as owners are loving the fashionable jet black and snow white bodywarmer coat for their chihuahuas, with its stylish contrast; and the reflective, high visibility striped brown bodywarmer with the fur hood is also proving to be a popular choice with the chihuahua crowd who enjoy walking their little dogs when it’s dark outside and hard to see smaller dogs walking along.

You’ll find all four of these coats for chihuahuas at the Chihuahua Shop, along with a lot of other quality, stylish chihuahua coats, so be sure to check them out, and I’ll speak to you again super soon! -Mikey

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