Dog Coats and Jackets Help Keep Your Dog Warm and Comfortable

If you live in a place where a lot of people own smaller dogs, you’re surely seeing a lot of dog coats and jackets these days on those small dogs. I take my dogs for a quite a few walks throughout the week, and on cooler days, I pass by a lot of owners with chihuahuas and other little dogs wearing puppy coats. The purpose of these coats for dogs is of course to keep your little dog warm in cooler climates, as smaller dogs tend to cool down easier and shiver more than bigger dogs. If you have a chihuahua for example, it helps to dress her up in clothes for chihuahuas, to compensate for her body’s tendency to shed heat a lot faster than other dogs.

I used to think this whole dog clothing thing was ridiculous, but I’ve changed my mind about this ever since I first became joint-owner of my friend’s chihuahua, and now I’m an advocate of chihuahua clothes because I see how much more comfortable they make my little dogs, allowing my little snuggle bugs to actually enjoy their walks when it’s cold out, instead being stuck in an uncomfortable, non-stop shiver-fest!

black duffle coat with hood luxury chihuahua dog coat

Living in Canada last year with my chihuahuas, I bought and tested out quite a few different clothes for my little dogs in the span of about six months. I had doggy snowsuits, puppy sweaters, and the entire warm end of the dog fashion industry that I was dressing up my little dogs with. One of the most useful chihuahua clothes I came across for my little female chi was this dog waterproof coat that would keep her dry whenever it was either raining or snowing. Canada is a cold place, and you can’t really afford to get wet when you’re outside and it’s freezing out! So when it was snowing, this little dog raincoat would keep the flakes off my chihuahua’s back and prevent them from melting on her and getting her wet; and in the spring and fall it would keep the rain off her back and keep her dry and warm on rainy days. This was one of the most useful dog coats and jackets I’ve ever had for my little Namaste, and I had her wear it almostbeige quilted gilet coats for dogs every day when the weather was lousy because it literally took her from a place of not really wanting to go out and walk when it was raining to almost feverishly jumping up on my lap whenever she’d sense that it was walk time–even when it was raining! This little doggy rain coat made a huge change in my chihuahua over the few months I had her wear it.

And of course in the winter, you have the little dog snowsuit to provide that extra warmth your little dog needs in the frigid cold. The snowsuits for dogs help combat the brutally cold weather you face in places with harsh winters, and if you couple them with four little dog boots for your pooch, your little dogs can actually enjoy walking in the winter time–something that is virtually impossible without the aid of these doggy coats and jackets if you’re living in a cooler climate. If you’re like me and you live in a cold place like Canada, then I really recommend you pick up a few dog jackets for winter weather if you have little dogs.

lightweight hooded body warmer dog coat for dogs
quilted dog parka with detachable hood in black
brown striped luxury ski parka for small dogs

Coats for dogs: where to find them

Coats for dogs help your little dog stay warm when the weather isn’t cooperating. The coats keep help keep your pooch warm when you go out for a walk in the cold, and they help your little bundle of love stay a lot more comfortable while the two of you are out walking, or indoors if you live in a cooler building. You can find these dog jackets at your local pet store, or you can find them online. If you opt for the online option, I highly recommend checking out the Chihuahua Shop for finding fashionable and functional dog coats and jackets for your pets. And if you happen to have a favorite store of your own that you use that you think has great dog coats, make sure you leave a comment below to let us know about it! Speak soon, -Michelle

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