Teacup Chihuahua Clothes

I’ve been seeing a lot of teacup chihuahuas dressed up in teacup chihuahua clothes lately. The seaside town I live in is already abundant with dog owners who love chihuahuas, but it seems that nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd, and now more chihuahua owners are moving in. The small dog clothes at the Chihuahua Shop are perfect for these little buggers, as we carry an extra super small size for these tiny teacup chihauhua dogs who have owners who need to dress them up in their adorable chihuahua clothes on a daily basis!

Take this little teacup chihuahua for example:

Now, he’s pretty cute on his own, but even with some cheap teacup chihuahua clothes, he would look WAY cuter! Throw in some little dog accessories, maybe a few chihuahua dog dresses, and then a cute chihuahua costume that makes him look like a little lady bug or something wildly irresistible like that and I don’t think anyone with a camera who likes little dogs would be able to unglue their camera lens from your dog and their finger from the shutter button! Seriously, you would have a chihuahua fashion cuteness overload problem on your hands!

Just on a boat ride the other day to this little rock island where there’s some good scuba diving around where I live, there was this guy in the boat with a teacup chihuahua that was wearing this floral dog dress set that was almost too much. It was part Hawaiian shit, part ball down, and this little long haired teacup chihuahua looked so comfortable and at-ease and relaxed in her little dress set, as the boat rocked up and down over the crashing waves! It was surreal!

Then, when we got to this rock island, there was another person I’ve seen shopping at the Chihuahua Shop who had her teacup out with her, wearing this designer pink and white dress set that looked perfect for the part of the doting little pet, following her master back and forth on the little island of rocks. She was too cute!

Chihuahua clothing like this, when it’s worn by a micro teacup chihuahua, is almost dangerous because of how fragile these dogs can be and how much attention they attract from strangers. Especially kids here in Mexico, in a culture where dogs aren’t normally regarded in the same manner that we do in the US or in Europe or Thailand or the other parts of the planet that have a more humane mindset when it comes to dogs (of which there are many–I know–but I can only list so many 🙂 ) the kids like to just grab whatever passes in front of them, and if they’ve seen their dad kick the dog at home one too many times, they’ll often try to do the same. It’s really not a good place to be a dog, down here in this country, unless they’re living with the right owner and taken care of!

Anyway, dressing your teacup chiwawa up in dog clothes, even when you’re in Mexico, isn’t usually a problem. And if you think it will be, you can always select one of the beautiful designer teacup chihuahua carriers the Chihuahua Store carriers, to help you transport your chiwawa around with you from hostile environment to hostile place!

Of course, if you really want to take that chihuahua fashion diva effect your little teacup dog will have when wearing her clothes and take it up a notch, you can adorn her with teacup chihuahua accessories and use a little teacup chihuahua harness to parade her around town to show her off to all the other animal lovers wherever you live!

On the more practical side, most teacup owners I know own at least a few teacup chihuahua sweaters for their little pup. These tiny dogs tend to get cold very easily and can often use that extra layer of “fur” to help them stay warm when it cools off for whatever reason. We carry teacup dog clothes at the Chihuahua Clothes Store and if you’re looking for quality teacup chihuahua clothes, I invite you to check them out! I’ll speak to you again soon. -Mikey

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