Small Dog Harness for A Chihuahua

I don’t know if you’re seeing the same thing, but I’m noticing a lot of chihuahuas and other little dogs wearing a small dog harness on their walks these days, instead of the older style chihuahua dog collars I used to see everywhere. I’m lucky in that I live around a lot of dogs and their owners, and so I see a great deal of chihuahua clothes and chihuahua harness dresses, and the whole spectrum of dog walking tools.

With the smaller dogs right now, I’m definitely seeing a movement toward using the stylish chihuahua harnesses, with little dog owners. The little dog harness allows you to not only take you dog for a walk, but to do so while having your chihuahua dressed up in one of the fashion dog harnesses that keep your little pup looking cool and stylish while also giving you easy access to a harness loop to leash her up because it’s built in to the small dog’s harness dress, coat, shirt, or hoodie. So these harnesses are fashionable and functional.

Jogging along the walking trails here in town, some of the small dog harnesses I’ve seen are darn cute. They have these toy dog harness vests that dress up your little dog as though he’s on his way to a board meeting or something more serious like that. And on other little dogs, I’ve seen these chihuahua harnesses, also in vest form, that make your little dog look like he’s on his way to a psychedelic disco party, with these splotchy color blotches in an almost tie-dye pattern.

And still, many other continue to walk their little dogs in their chihuahua clothes with their chihuahua collars and leashes. Not everyone is big on small dog harnesses, after all. Some believe that it’s much easier to control your dog when you’re leading your dog around with a leash attached to the neck, for training purposes. And others like knowing that by using a little doggie harness, they’re not putting any strain on their chihuahua’s neck. If you’re the latter and you have a little dog and you prefer using a harness to walk your pup, then head over to the Chihuahua Shop and check out the small dog harness selection, and have a look for yourself. I’ve been busy, working to bring in some new models of these little dog harnesses that I think you’ll really like, so be sure you go head over to the Shop and check them out after reading this! Alright, Speak soon! -Mikey

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