Dog Jeans: Adorable, Cute, Funny Little Pants For Your Dog

Recently while surfing around on some dog site, I came across a dog owner who posted a photo of her dog dressed up in little dog jeans. At first, I almost couldn’t breath, I was laughing so hard at how adorable, cute, and also at how funny this little dog looked to me. I had never in my life seen a dog dressed in denim pants before!

frenchie wearing dog jeans

Well after looking into it further, it turns out there’s an entire subculture of dog owners who love to dress up their dogs in tiny jeans for pets. There are little cute jeans for chihuahua dogs and yorkies, frenchies, and the other toy breed dogs. There are even dog jeans for bigger breeds like labs and boxers, like you see if you just punch in “dog jeans” into google images and look at the pictures that pop up!…

classic dog jeans on a labrador

I’m finding out that sometimes the jeans people have their dogs wear are small size human jeans that have been adapted for the dog, and other times the jeans have been specifically made for dogs from their inception. It’s been quite an interesting little journey–this exploration of jeans for dogs! I’m even finding there are designer dog jeans that come with sequins, little jewels, and other ornate goodies that line the denim and give the dog jeans a more polished look. Check it out:

black dog jeans

From the look of things, these dog jeans definitely seem tailored more to the chihuahua and toy breed dog crowd of owners. In other words, it’s the dog-fashion-minded people who are getting these jeans for their dogs, more than any other type of dog owner.

poofy dog wearing jeans for dogs

Dog Jeans: Where Do I Find Them?

If you’re looking for a cute pair of jeans for your dog, the two best stores I’ve found so far that sell them have to be Esty and HDC. You can pick up a pair at one of those stores, and then you can have a ton of fun dressing up your little dog in the latest denim fashion from the crazy-cute world of dog jeans! Alright, I’ll talk to you again soon! -Mikey

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