Chihuahua winter boots: my recommendations

Chihuahua winter boots are a must-have if you and your chihuahua live in a cold, snowy area over the winter months. With their thin coats and super high metabolisms, chihuahuas do not fare well in cold weather without the aid of dog clothing, and a pair of chihuahua booties is a must for any chihuahua owner living in a snowy climate.

chihuahua-wearing-chihuahua-winter-bootsIf you take a look around the online dog stores, you will find many winter boots for chihuahuas, and you will likely also find them if you check out your local dog stores. The main thing to keep in mind when buying winter boots for chihuahuas is the fit: the booties need to fit your chihuahua almost perfectly, otherwise you can very easily end up with a situation like this:

Winter Chihuahua boots: Size Matters (so does shape)

I see dogs in booties all the time that appear to be swimming in the air with them instead of walking gracefully with them, and it’s almost always because the boots the chihuahua is wearing do not fit properly. It can be a size problem or a shape problem: some small dog booties are too straight and contrict the dog’s movement, and others are too bent.

So if at all possible, have your chihuahua or small dog try out the winter boots before you buy them. Usually you can’t do this if you’re shoping for the booties online, but this is where your local pet stores come in handy: you can take your chihuahua to one of those and test out the fit of the boots in the store and develop an understanding of what size and style of boots fit your chihuahua best.

The process of finding the right winter chihuahua boots can be a lot of trial and error, so be prepared to take your time and don’t be in a rush. Chihuahuas need good protection for their feet if you’re going to walk them through the snow and on icy pathways, and if their boots do not fit well, it isn’t going to be a good time for anybody!

Where can I buy chihuahua winter boots?

I have two recommendations for where to buy chihuahua winter booties.

The first place to check out is the All Dog Boots store, online. These guys specialize in dog booties and I have heard some good things about their shop.

The second place to check out would be our Chihuahua Shop, where we sell some heavier dog shoes. I do not recommend you get these, however, if you live in a very cold climate. Our chihuahua shoes are meant more for temperate weather and for protecting against mild cold weather, not the conditions you and your little dog will face in the dead of winter.

Tips for dogs with boots

Once you finally find the right pair of booties for your chihuahua, it’s always a good idea to put the boots on your little dog for a while before you head out on your walk. Even though they may fit your dog like a glove, chihuahuas will still tend to walk a little funny in them at first and so it’s good to give your dog a little bit of time to get used to them before you embark on your public walk 😉

It’s also important to ensure your chihuahua’s paws are clean before you put the winter boots on. Just like with human shoes, it’s never fun to walk around in shoes or boots that have rocks or debris inside them.

Finally, I will say this: if you live in winter city where people use melting agents and chemicals on the sidewalks to help melt the ice and snow to keep the sidewalks maintained during the cold months, it’s a good idea to pay extra close attention to the condition of your chihuahua’s paws before and after using their winter boots. If your chihuahua gets some of that chemical on her paws–and especially if it gets between their toes, embedded in their paw–it can cause them a lot of pain. This is one of the reasons I make my chihuahuas wear winter boots a few days after the snow has melted during the winter, because I do not want any of that chemical getting on or between their paws and causing a nasty chemical burn. I’ve seen many small dogs in booties that look silly because of how they walk with them, but at least you know those dogs aren’t getting nasty chemcial burns on their paws!

I don’t mean to make your worry: I’m just saying “be mindfull of your chihuahua’s paws in the winter months.”

With that in mind, I hope this has been useful, I hope you find the perfect pair of chihuahua winter boots for your little doggy, and I hope you have a great winter filled with many joyfull walks! Happy (soon to be) winter, everyone!


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