Chihuahua Dog Clothes

As someone who loves chihuahua dog clothes, I get fairly excited over almost any opportunity to dress my chihuahua dog, Namaste, up in her chihuahua dog clothes, and so when my neighbor calls me up and asks if Namaste can come over for a chihuahua play date with her doggies, I freaking jump at the chance! I grab a few of her dog clothes for chihuahua outfits, my laptop, and we’re off out the door to the neighbor’s house so our chihuahuas can play together while we visit and do some work in the same space.

A few years ago, if someone told me I’d be taking my chihuahua to go to a chihuahua dog clothing play date, I would have told them they were on crack. Nothing could have been further from my mind. But after inadvertently adopting a few chihuahuas and spending some time with them, I’ve become big softy for these little dogs and their small dog clothes, and the entire chihuahua dog fashion scene!

So anyway, this past time I took Namaste over to her chihuahua dog friend’s house to play, I dressed her up in her favorite toy dog clothes, and off she went to play while I had coffee with the other chihuahua’s owner: my friend. We got to talking about chihuahua dog clothes while our chihuahuas were there, in front of us, wearing their chihuahua clothing, and I started to wonder if we would go blind or something from doing this 😉 Luckily for us, the answer was no, and it’s a good thing because once two chihuahua dog fashion fanatics get into a conversation about small dog clothes, it takes an eternity or, in this case, the threat of some sort of natural disaster, to bring an end to that conversation.

And I kid you not: that is what it came to. I was working on my laptop while my friend was working on hers at the same table, and our chihuahua dogs were off playing together, dressed in their chihuahua dog clothing, when the tropical storm that had just been upgraded to hurricane status rolled into town with a furry, and the windows and everything started to really shake like crazy with the intense wind gust blasting against them. With all the commotion, our little pets in their dog clothes for chihuahuas started to FREAK out a bit and were coming up to us and looking at us for direction, with that “what should I do?”-look.

So, of course, being the chihuahua puppy clothes freaks that we are, we broke out their chihuahua dog thunder jackets and put them on them. I’m not sure if these chihuahua clothes actually have any magical powers anything strange like that or if it’s just some kind of placebo effect it has on our chihuahuas’ mind, but these outfits really do help our little dogs to stay more calm when the weather turns downright hostile outside. And so for them, their chihuahua doggie clothes inspired play date could continue, and they went back off into the living room to roughhouse and play and wrestle and rip around in their chihuahua clothing, having their chihuahua fun.

And that made me happy because I was able to get back to my work on the Chihuahua Shop, where we carry only very high quality chihuahua dog clothes that I would invite you to check out yourself if you love dressing up your dog in cute chihuahua clothes, and everything turned out great! Speak soon, -Mikey

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