Chihuahua Carriers: Making Life Easier On The Road With Your Pet

Travelling with your little dog can be a trying experience. It depends, of course, on the temperament of your dog and the relationship you share with each other, but I’ve noticed a lot of chihuahuas in particular that are frantic and antsy, that their owners either haven’t trained or they don’t treat like dogs, so they develop these issues and can be a little more anxious than bigger breeds of dogs that people take a bit more seriously, and it can be a nightmare to travel with this dog, often. If your dog gets like this but you want to travel with him, then I heartily recommend taking a look at chihuahua carriers that allow you to more easily transport your dog. Especially if you’re going to be on an airplane and you want to fly with your little dog, you’re going to need one of these pet carriers to stow under your seat with your chihuahua inside. If that’s the case, then you’re definitely going to want to check them out and make sure you can find a comfortable one for your prince or princess!

There’s a plethora of small dog carriers today: everything form designer fashion handbags that have been made into dog carriers, to your standard duffel bag style soft chihuahua carrier, and just about everything in between.

These useful pet carrier bags have become very in-vogue and you see them everywhere today. Even dorm students trying to sneak their little dogs into the college buildings are picking up these carriers like crazy and slipping their dog inside and walking around inside like there’s nothing to it. If you’re crafty, you can even slip on the plane unnoticed with your dog and avoid having to pay the crazy fee the airlines want to charge you these days for carrying a dog on board, if you play your cards right: with a chihuahua carrier that looks like a little duffel bag, you can take off your sweater, put it over and cover up the open part of the carrier while you’re at the ticket counter and checking your luggage so nobody spots the dog, and then walk through to customs without a problem, and then you’re set!–nobody in customs actually communicates with the airlines and they never ask to see a ticket or anything for your chihuahua when you pull him out and walk through the scanner–they’re too busy swooning over how cute he looks in his “chiwawa” clothes, haha! I’ve done this at least a dozen times, and each time, I’m saving even more money because the prices for flying with your dog keeps going up, but this is becoming rather tangential and beside the point!

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The point is that traveling with a dog in a carrier makes the whole process much easier, especially if you have kids and other craziness happening around you on travel day and you’ve got a bunch of little things happening all at once, grabbing your attention, and you’ve not a zen master of traveling and you’re like most of us and the whole process is a little chaotic (but fun!)

Even when not traveling, I make use of my dogs’ chihuahua carriers because there’s something soothing to dogs about a smaller, confined space that calms them down. Apparently, the smaller the space they’re in, the calmer they get, or so they say, according to dog expert Cesar Millan of the the Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles, California. I’ve definitely noticed this to be true with my dogs, especially if there’s a loud storm happening and there’s lightning and loud thunder that’s freaking my little doggies out like crazy, and they’re running around: often I can just put them in their dog carriers/kennels and they calm right down. There’s something about not giving them the option to move around and physically freak out that keeps their mind more calm. And they like it. They like that peaceful, tranquil state of mind, I notice 🙂

So if you’re travelling and you want to keep things simple and keep your chihuahua dog from running around and having to constantly police him, or you’re going on the plane with your dog, or you want to transport him easily in the city to a lot of different environments and you can’t have a leash and you can’t really have him running around them in whatever building environment you’re in or whatever non-dog-friendly place you happen to spend time in, take a look at these little chihuahua carriers. You can check them out here at the chihuahua clothes shop, and I highly recommend you do because they’re super useful. Have a look, check out the ones you like, and pick one up. I’ll talk to you again soon! -Mikey

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