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Chihuahua booties keep your chihuahua’s paws clean when walking and protect the pads from wearing out when walking a lot on rough surfaces like concrete. There are many styles of these boots, but I would only recommend a few of the ones I have tried out on my chihuahuas: in my experience, the “Pawz” brand booties are one of the few brands that actually stay on your dog’s feet properly for an extended period of time and can actually be used for walking and more than just lying around in the house! Here’s what they look like:

These chihuahua boots are straightforward: they don’t have any zippers or straps that can become undone. Instead, you just slip these on your chihuahua’s feet and you’re ready to roll. If you’ve ever tried out booties for dogs before that have the zippers and straps, you’ll know that they usually become undone and it’s only a matter of time before they fall off your little dog’s feet, and it’s not fun when you have keep checking your chihuahua to make sure her little booties are still on her paws! So I highly recommend the chihuahua booties that just slip on and hold by being a tight fit: they work best in my experience, with all of the dog boots shoes I’ve ever used on my own chihuahuas.

Owners of little dogs mostly buy shoes and chihuahua booties for their smaller dogs to give them enhanced comfort when walking: the doggy boots keep their chihuahua’s pads insulated from the scorching heat of hot sidewalks when walking in the summer and the freezing cold of the snow and ice in the winter. So booties for chihuahuas help keep your chihuahua more comfortable when walking on harsh surfaces like this, and they also keep your chihuahua’s little feet safe from things like lawn fertilizers and other chemicals your little dog might encounter on an adventurous walk, like car oil on the road, etc. The other side of dog booties is that they also make your chihuahua look absolutely adorable when you combine them with chihuahua clothes and make them a part of an overall chihuahua look you dress you small dog up in.

So where do you find them? If you’ve got a chihuahua and you’re looking for good dog shoes boots, you can go down to your local pet store and try them on there. Depending where you live, you may find a good selection at the local chihuahua clothing/pet stores. You can also find a wide variety of chihuahua booties online, but if you’re looking for the good Pawz-brand ones like I recommend, then GW Little is the place to find them. GW also sells little chihuahua dog socks your little puppy can wear indoors, too, which can be cute if you’ve got a super fashionista thing going on with your chi and you want to take it all the way!

A pair of chihuahua booties keeps your chihuahua’s feet more comfortable better protected from the elements and clean and free of the dirt and grime of the city ground. Your cute little chihuahua won’t get any more cuts on her paws when you go for long walk in the city, and the booties will keep your chihuahua’s paws protected from branches and other little sharp thorns and debris on the ground if you take your chihuahua on more of a nature walk. And of course, if you’re into the whole chihuahua fashion scene, you can’t have a model walking down the runway/sidewalk without her shoes!–it’s just essential gear! Keep your chihuahua stay more comfortable and fashionable with a pair of little booties for chihuahuas: click here to find the best chihuahua booties I have tested out on my little dogs so far. I’ll speak to you again soon, chihuahua lovers. -Michelle

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