Blown Away By Chihuahua Accessories

chihuahua-wearing-booties-and-a-hoodChihuahua accessories are everywhere in small dog stores these days, and it’s not hard to see why: they’re adorable! Recently at a friend’s house, I saw a teacup chihuahua dressed up in her chihuahua clothes–but she was also wearing a few little dogs accessories that made her look like no dog I’ve ever seen. This little dog, with her small dog sweaters and her dog costumes that her owner normally dresses her in, is cute, but I never really thought anything more about her. But seeing her all decked out in her little bling and her small dog accessories made such an impact on me… I’m still can’t stop thinking about it. She was just so cute!

Of course, a lot of chihuahua owners will pick out little raincoats for dogs and the other usual cheap dog clothes that we all love and know. These are the practical outfits we use to keep our chiwawa pups warm and dry and chihuahua-tiara-faux-diamondcozy when the weather to crap and it’s time to walk our chihuahuas. We dress them out in their cool chihuahua sweaters and their little chihuahua outfit, and we get used to seeing dogs in clothes: it becomes a regular part of our world.

But when you come across a chihuahua dressed up in these extravagant accessories for little dogs, it can really make you stop and think “…wow!” Chihuahuas wearing hats for dogs, chihuahuas wearing sparkling socks for dogs, chihuahuas wearing haute couture chihuahua costumes: these are not every day experiences for most people–even seasoned chihuahua fashion addicts!

punk-chihuahua-accessoriesMy friend’s dog was wearing one of her dog sweatshirts and had a dog collar tag and a tiny little dog tiara from dog accessories UK–or some similar brand: I can’t quite remember. But it was amazing. And the conversations it sparked at this little gathering were numerous! Teacup chihuahuas are cute alone, without dog clothes! But wearing these chihuahua accessories with her tiny dog outfit… I can’t emphasize what an impact it made. It was like walking into a Dali painting or something and seeing the manifestation of luxury in the tiny, bite-size, chihuahua form! Ohh! She was incredibly cute, even for the standards we are used to as chihuahua owners who dress our little doggies in xxs dog clothes–even for what I am used to as the owner of a chihuahua clothes shop. I was impressed.

chihuahua-panda-socksA dog wearing a dog outfit is nothing special. There’s nothing new to be seen–though they are irresistibly cute–in a chihuahua dressed in different puppy sweaters for chihuahuas each day. You will see the usual fare of chihuahua t-shirts and little dog sweaters on a little dog, and you will smile. But that dog probably will not blow you away the way this little dog with her pet accessories did me. Chihuahua accessories on a little dog seem to give it that little something extra–that X-factor–that just makes them stand out from the rest, grab your attention, and make them hard to forget. It’s why I’m going to be digging around and trying to find the best accessories for chihuahuas I can find anywhere for sale, and I will be bringing them to you soon… Stay tuned! I will be changing a lot of things on here pretty soon.


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