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Halloween Chihuahua Costumes: Some Inspiration!

chihuahua wearing a classical pirate costume for little dogs

Halloween is fast approaching and I thought I’d share some Halloween chihuahua costume inspiration for the chihuahua clothes lovers out there. There are serveral great costumes for chihuahuas out there right now, but the best ones I’ve seen are the costumes hand-made to some extent by the dog owner. When you combine a good idea […]

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Dog Santa Outfit: A Holiday Costume for Both Big and Small Dogs

view this Dog Santa Outfit The way I look at things, through my skewed version of dog fashion reality: what better way is there for me to celebrate Christmas time than to dress up my furry best friend as one of Santa’s little helpers with one of the best dog Santa outfit costumes I’ve ever […]

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Costumes for Small Dogs: A Different Style For Each Small Dog Breed

view Costumes for Small Dogs at GW Little Of all the small dog clothing you can find for chihuahuas and shih tzu and yorkies and Maltese, costumes for small dogs have got to be the most fun. Browsing around the GW Little store lately, I’ve been indulging in a little dog shopping fun for my […]

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Funny Chihuahua Costumes Making The World A Happier Place

I don’t know about you, but whenever I think about chihuahua clothes, one of the first things that comes to mind is those pictures you see all over the internet with those little dogs wearing the funny chihuahua costumes. I’ve seen quite a few of these costumes for dogs on little puppies lately, and whenever […]

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Costumes for Dogs: The Funny Side of Dog Clothing

I’ve been talking about some serious things related to chihuahua clothes (if that’s possible) on this blog lately and offering some advice, but I feel it’s time to kick back a bit more and have fun with this post: I’m talking about costumes for dogs this time.  Exactly what are these dog costumes, some of […]

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