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Chihuahua Store With The Latest Chihuahua Clothes

view the Chihuahua Store! Running a chihuahua store like the Chihuahua Shop has turned out to be a lot more fun than I ever anticipated. Yes, it takes work, but getting to see the latest clothes for chihuahuas and the other breeds of small dogs is a daily treat you just never quite get used […]

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Puppy Boutique Shop

view the Puppy Boutique Chihuahua Shop I’ve been to a lot of puppy boutique shops lately that sell puppy clothes and puppy supplies, but don’t really have a strong focus on any kind of puppy accessories in particular. There are chihuahua puppy boutique stores that sell chihuahua clothes and these other shops that bill themselves […]

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Doggie Boutique for Chihuahuas

view Chihuahua Doggie Boutique Clothes at the Chihuahua Shop When you own chihuahuas and you enjoy dressing them up in chihuahua clothes, you tend to visit a lot of doggie boutique shops. What I’ve been noticing lately is that these dog boutiques area really focusing on the banal and boring segment of dog supplies and […]

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New Designer Pet Supplies On The Way!

view Designer Pet Supplies at the Chihuahua Shop I’m freaking excited because the new designer pet supplies for chihuahuas and other little dogs have been arriving and we have them up in the Chihuahua Shop now! I’ve been trying for a while now to bring in some cool new chihuahua collars and the new season […]

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The Chihuahua Shop: How It Started, and Why

I want to give you a short, nutshell version of the story of why I started the Chihuahua Shop with all the small dog clothing it has today. So here it is, in all it’s full love-hate glory, and it really all begins with me moving in with a girlfriend years ago and, in doing […]

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